I Create For a Living...

I'm a graphic designer by trade with over 20 years of experience. I started my own freelance business - a small graphic design "boutique" in Silicon Valley, California in April of 1998. Embarking on the crest of the technology "boom" when every tech savvy businessperson and their brother were creating start-ups from venture capital fuel I happened to be at the forefront of their corporate identity needs. I worked with all sorts of companies (big, small, public, private...) to help them build their brand identities, marketing collateral, start-up logos and websites. Today I continue to work with clients from a variety of industries helping them get clear on Who they Are, What they Do, Who they Help, and Why it Matters. I now offer brand strategy consulting services and workshops. I am a creative professional with unstoppable muses who's not afraid to show you who I really am. You can find my professional persona online at Krista Cavender Branding & Design

Since my desire to create is often impossible to suppress I've had to satisfy my muses by designing some fun shirts that reflect my passions. Check out my Zaps Threads Shop online for a look at my latest designs.

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