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My Pain Training

My winter waxing break. Now that it's winter my legs and arms will not see the light of day much w hich can only mean one thing: hairy legs and pits and a bikini line that closely resembles the Tahoe National Forest. Yeah. If I let myself go I can be that hairy. I try not to, but hey, it happens sometimes. [ By the way, i f you are squeamish about  things that cause bodily pain or horrific details of childbirth here's your out   because cute puppies never fail to soften the blow of my way too honest posts. ] I'm lucky since a lot of my body hair is blondish. So instead of looking like a gorrilla I'm more of a blonde yeti. But it's still there and annoying as hell. For as much as I lean in the liberal direction on the political scale, I hate being hairy and I do not embrace my inner hippy in this respect. Sorry. At least I've chosen to epilate and wax for environmental reasons which IS embracing my inner hippy so I consider that close

The Devil's Treadmill - 10 Things I Learned

I did something I've never done before. No … I didn't wear mom jeans and a tube top in public or try to freestyle rap in the grocery store. Loudly. And I did NOT buy that vibrator at a garage sale. It's pretty safe to say I would never do any of those things. EVER . But since I never say "never" I retract that statement for superstitious reasons. Still, I did something I've been hesitant to do and honestly a little afraid to try for a long time now. What is it? I ran on a treadmill. With my coordination I'm lucky I'm still alive.   The recent rains made our trails obscenely muddy and last we ek I had limited time to sque eze in a trail run AND go to the grocery store so I consul ted the devil (you know? The one on your shoulder that pokes his little pitchfor k in your ear ... ) and he said that I should definit ely try the tr eadmill. He said the trea dmill would keep my shoes clean AND would make all of my running fan tas ies come

Steep Hills and Deep Mud - A Sweeping Adventure

Coastal Trail North Face Endurance Challenge I didn't do the Merrell Mud Run this year, but I got my fill of mud sweeping a portion of the marathon distance at the North Face Challenge in San Francisco recently. The trails were ridiculous. And when I say ridiculous I mean insanely un-runnable. But the front runners in the marathon were ahead of their projected pace times which could only mean one thing. They were using the mud to their advantage on the steep descents and probably sliding down parts of that trail on their butts. It was THAT muddy. They all had muddy asses so that was my best conclusion (hey... its hard not to look. They were some nice asses) and i t was hard to escape not falling on your ass in a race like this. Talk about a logistical nightmare. The two day race which was to include a 50 mile, 50k, marathon and marathon relay on Saturday and a half marathon and 10k on Sunday was nutty and chaotic. The 50 miler had to be rerouted onto the 50k and marathon c