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Waking Up My Slacker Ass

This slacker ass hasn't even gotten out of its jam jams. I had a revelation a couple weekends back... my slacker ass has decided to wake the fuck up. Literally. As in... my glutes and their co conspirator hamstrings were letting my quads and other muscles in the chain do all the work when I went running.  Slackers.  And when I needed them most (like steep climbing) they pretty much just checked out and ate a sandwich.  Nice work, ass. Well, you may have gotten away with being nothing more than weak eye candy for nearly all my life but it looks like The Ranch has put you to work.  That's right. I think The Ranch has bitch slapped those mother fuckers awake. That's what about 3000 GHRs and a full body muscle memory overhaul will do. If you're wondering what a GHR is, it stands for Glute Ham Raise and the movement is done in a contraption that resembles something out of a BDSM erotica novel which restrains your legs around the ankles. If you secure a rubber s