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24 Hour Countdown T & A

WARNING: This post may not be suitable for all audiences. If you've ever read my blog, you won't be surprised by this, but I have to launch advisories every time I overshare. So... yeah... this post has a tiny bit of oversharing in it. Mostly in the form of pictures displaying partial nudity but all in the spirit of spontaneity and fun. That means this is not porn or smut. Sorry to disappoint but there are no triple X's here. Not even double X or single X. Ok maybe a tiny bit of single X if you stretch your imagination enough, but that being said if you think the randomness below is juvenile, stupid, questionable, crass, delinquent, the by-product of demon worship, inappropriate, or deviant behavior then you should have stopped reading four sentences ago. But if you got this far chances are you're still here. In that case...let me tell you about some fun I had a few weekends back. The hubs and I got to spend a little time sans the kids. We dropped the ki

Getting My Shit Back Together

Box squats at The Ranch Athletics Photo courtesy Seth Kotelnicki It snowed in the valley yesterday. It gets cold up here in Northern California during the winter, but snow hitting the valley floor is a real treat - a tiny miracle. I remember it happening only a handful of times growing up here as a kid. Yesterday, the snow melted almost instantly after touching down, but it landed on the tongues of the kids playing in the court and I knew something was up when I heard the screams of excitement outside. That was super cool. I'll think of it as my dad's gift to his grandsons this holiday season. I miss him terribly, but am coping. Just having my outlet at The Ranch Athletics has been huge. My strength is slowly coming back from a heavy place. I've felt so weak for the past four weeks. I wasn't sleeping well, my eating was crap and every time I worked out it felt like a complete fail. Everything was crushing, tough, and exhausting. But, the last four da