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Monkeys Picked Hoorag Winners!

The monkeys over at worked all night long to crank out some random numbers. Two of those numbers were pumped out especially for Running Naked on Sharp Pointy Stuff. The monkeys even told me that my blog was their favorite. Ok. So I might have fed them a few bananas, but they were really nice monkeys – not the kind that fling poo all over the place and go all hulk smash on the zookeeper. Those are bad monkeys. So, it looks like I'll be sending out a couple Ranch Athletic Hoorags to lucky numbers 8 and 10!!! Woohoo!! CONGRATULATIONS Captain Harp and Julie!!! Email me as soon as possible with your pertinent details and I will be shipping these babies out to you. I promise not to send a monkey to deliver your Hoorag in person. Some monkeys might be nice, but they can't be trusted. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Hoorag Giveaway!!

Julia Mancuso - Women's Alpine Skiing, USA See what I mean??? Ok. So I may have been a little distracted with all the rumors of all the fucking that's been going on at the Olympics, but I'm good now. I am focused and can concentrate on the things that matter – like a few giveaways I've intended to do for a while, but life, work, and the Olympics with all those hot, athletic bodies just got in the way. Its a good thing this is the Winter Olympics and all that sexy muscle mass is covered up by super skin tight bodysuits... <Sigh> ... who am I kidding? </Sigh> FOCUS, Krista! I have a few items to giveaway if I haven't succeeded in distracting you off subject. I have two black and white Ranch Athletics Hoorags to giveaway and a Zaps Threads Tee that is up for grabs. This first giveaway will be for two Hoorags... My new favorite Hoo I designed these Hoorags for my gym, The Ranch Athletics. I helped them establish their brand/logo and websit

Dancing, Bulls, and Man Bait

Where are the gladiators and chocolate? I'm drinking wine and sitting in a hot bath with bubbles that are apparently very potent but how would I know? My olfactory senses have been compromised by Satan's Cold. Yes. That deserves capital letters because the deal I made with the devil that brought on this monster must have been a doozy. I just hope it involved jacked, hot gladiators or maybe lots of chocolate...or maybe jacked and hot gladiators slathered in melty chocolate. Whatever the deal was, I want my end of the bargain. The GOOD end. Speaking of chocolate and men... Man bait. I just made the BEST EVER fudge recipe. Could be even considered man bait for you single ladies.  What is man bait, you ask? Any recipe that includes bacon could qualify as man bait. And this batch of fudge, which I labeled Saucy's McFudge (I know, it sounds morally questionable, but trust me, there was only one girl and no cups were involved - not even measuring cups) is made with l