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Just Dance!

I will admit I've been a little MIA lately. But, it's not like I've been taken hostage and hidden in a cave somewhere. Oh wait. I was in a cave. Held hostage by some pretty awesome music and some way too close dancing. But, if you've never danced in an ocean cave (one with a blowhole in it) I would suggest you get on that. Yeah. Like NOW. Cuz, how often do you get to say "You know... I think I'm gonna go dance in a cave and who cares if I get a little wet, or hit my head on the hard rock wall, or suffocate to death by the hundreds of tall people dancing next to me..." because chances of finding a cave is very slim, and the chances of finding a cave with a badass DJ by the name of Fish Stix in it is even slimmer, and chances of finding a cave that isn't occupied by a species of critter that isn't going to consume you is well... very rare. But, if you can't find a cave then go find a stage. Preferably one with an 80s throwback rock band with