Just Dance!

I will admit I've been a little MIA lately. But, it's not like I've been taken hostage and hidden in a cave somewhere. Oh wait. I was in a cave. Held hostage by some pretty awesome music and some way too close dancing. But, if you've never danced in an ocean cave (one with a blowhole in it) I would suggest you get on that. Yeah. Like NOW. Cuz, how often do you get to say "You know... I think I'm gonna go dance in a cave and who cares if I get a little wet, or hit my head on the hard rock wall, or suffocate to death by the hundreds of tall people dancing next to me..." because chances of finding a cave is very slim, and the chances of finding a cave with a badass DJ by the name of Fish Stix in it is even slimmer, and chances of finding a cave that isn't occupied by a species of critter that isn't going to consume you is well... very rare.

But, if you can't find a cave then go find a stage. Preferably one with an 80s throwback rock band with mullet wigs and skin tight rockstar pants. Then get on stage with them. Then dance your little heart out. Yeah. I did that too. Check the video proof above.

Don't ask me why they let me up there, it wasn't even my birthday. Ten years ago you would have had to drag me kicking and screaming to dance on that stage in front of a packed house. But, things are different here in the land of enlightenment and what-the-fuck. You just never know where you'll end up. In a cave... on stage... nearly passed out and sandwiched between a rock and landscaping just outside the pub. That wasn't me by the way, but that outcome is a possibility. This is where the land of mid-life meets the land of what-the-fuck. I drink responsibly these days. Really. Its the only way I can dance. And despite how bad I am at dancing, I love it!!! I may have been a little off beat up there but did you notice how I didn't fall off stage? Yes. That required skill and sobriety. Well... relative sobriety anyway. I may have had a few shots of whiskey prior to those shenanigans.

So where am I going with this?

I guess my point is (...and you might want to pay special attention to this part because I almost NEVER have a point and anything with multiple points is just me being an overachiever so you decide)...
1. Do what you love and be passionate about it. People love to be around other passionate people. It's contagious.
2. Never, ever, listen to the naysayers. They aren't the people you want in your circles anyway.
3. Put yourself outside your comfort zone and take risks. Its easier to take risks when you genuinely don't care what others think.
4. Never, ever, stop being who you are. Unless its time for a change and that change will help you grow or be a better person.
5. Never apologize for being who you are. Unless you're really fucked up. Then go back to number 4.
6. Dance like you're either on stage or in a cave! Live life at every opportunity people! And you might wanna stay a tiny bit not drunk.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


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