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Getting Back To Training

Runners post ultra mobility session at The Ranch Athletics. (Ok... so this might have been more of a girls chat session.) I haven't ran a lick since The Pine To Palm 100 , but I was back to my training a week after the race doing mostly rehab mobility work. I've been slowly getting range of motion back in my right knee. Along with that I've been growing back the skin on my heels, losing a few toenails, and, what seems like at a snail's pace, getting my general strength back. It was a tough first three weeks though. I struggled to do even three pull-ups two weeks post race. THREE PULLUPS. And my pushups were weak. Yeah. That was totally lame. To be honest, that really pissed me off. But, I'm over it. Things are getting better and my body is finally getting back to normal. I'm getting back to feeling strong again and despite this really horrible picture of my "man" feet (yes... they are a bit hobbit-like - who knew they were that hairy?) my feet a