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Shameless Promotion: A Slightly Drunk Video

Ok. I will admit to doing a little bit of shameless promotion. Not that I plan on whoring myself out for free shit (lie: Yes I am) or anything like that in the near future... buuuuut, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. (And I do realize that the thumbnail looks like I'm flipping everybody off. My apologies. I really do like you guys - insert innocent smile here - ) Here's some quick-ish updates:   100 MILER RACE REGISTRATION CASH FLOW I think I've stumbled upon a way of getting at least $125 towards my 100 miler race paid. Yup. It involves a product review and my cooter. No. Its not sex toys although, that was one of the options I had available and actually considered. This review, which I'm not totally sure if I will be doing yet since I haven't seen anything in the mail, is something that most women who are ultra runners might want to seriously consider using. That's all I'm going to say on that topic for now. You'll have to wait

Twenty Miles Of Punishment

Me and the other ROTS girls. Drink all day. Play all night. I'm in Miami bitch! OK. So that may be a wee bit of an exaggeration cuz really I'm in Rocklin which is like 20 degrees hotter and about half the humidity. It may be a fucking inferno during the Summer but its a "dry heat" which should not be confused with a "dry heave" or a "dry hump" even though those two descriptions are pretty accurate for the Sacramento Valley in July. The Summer heat here is likely to make you want to hurl if you're running eleven miles of dusty, rocky canyon trails especially when you have to call your friend to come pick you up because you drank too much the night before partying it up with the neighbors and pretty much woke up still drunk, can't drive your own ass and need a ride to the trailhead. Yeah. I did that. My friend Matt was really cool about it even though picking up my drunk ass made him late to the group run HE organized. I felt kinda bad.

Cancer Sucks Balls

My friend Kari and her family.  Badass Survivor in my book.  Life can be a challenge sometimes. With as many days as I have where I feel like I'm being strangled by a thousand monkeys who've just eaten a pound of crack each I have to constantly remind myself that life is a blessing. And I hate that word blessing. I feel like cherubs are going to fly out of my ass and trumpet fucking rainbows from horizon to horizon every time I say it. But it is. Life truly is a blessing. Life is a fucking miracle and a fucking blessing. That's all there is to it. Who knows? Maybe there's a zillion billion trillion lives living on thousands (maybe millions) of planets we don't know about in this universe and they've all been blessed with the same amazing miracle. Life. Life. Its not something one can really appreciate on the deepest of levels until its very existence is being taunted in front of you by mother nature in a cruel game of keep-away. And sometimes that reali

I'm A Sucker For Beauty & Athletic Eye Candy

Gretchen Bleiler - Snowboarder I'm a little partial to winter sports. Ha! (I would put another warning on here, but I'm tired of reminding my readers that my blog can be offensive, somewhat provocative and downright disrespectful at times. If you haven't figured that out yet then apparently you need to keep reading to confirm. *grin*) Consider yourself warned. Moving on... I will admit to having a serious admiration for the female form. In fact, I would say that I probably appreciate women's bodies almost as much as heterosexual men do. I whole-heartedly acknowledge this and will even point out the nice booties at my trail runs to my guy friends. I've never had a guy disagree with me. Don't get me wrong. I happen to love, LOVE, L-O-V-E men. (I'm married to one in fact.)    I have no idea what those hip/ab muscles are called on men either but I have to wipe the drool from my mouth whenever a well-carved example of it walks past me. <-