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Finding Chocolate in My Pants - A Body Butter Inspiration

Uh. Whaaa? So the other day I was changing to get ready to go to the gym and as I was climbing out of my jeans and panties (I like to take both off in one full swoop for efficiency) I found a large chunk of chocolate smeared on my inner right thigh. Real chocolate. Not the metaphorical kind. Trust me. A lot of things go through your mind when you encounter smeared ANYTHING in your pants. But being an ultra runner, (and if you've ever been out on a LONG run without toilet amenities you'll know what I'm talking about here) I was confident in my ability to handle the situation. Suddenly a whole Question and Answer series scrolled in my head. Question in my head:  Whaaaaa?... (Honestly, I was confused and having trouble comprehending the whole situation.) Answer in my head: Dear God, that better be chocolate. ( After a little inspection, thankfully it was.) Q: I don't remember eating chocolate recently. ( I realize this isn't a question, but it

Krista's Top Ten List of What Not To Wear While Running

WARNING: Hanging booty I'm pretty sure I broke a running fashion rule the other week. It's probably the first rule of running fashion.  Running Fashion Rule #1. Never run with your ass cheeks hanging out of your shorts. Yeah. Shorter than short shorts are a big NO NO. Well for running anyway. They're perfect for pole dancing and for women fifteen years younger than me. In my defense though, it was one of those weeks where I was hard-pressed to find time for even my 25 minute hill repeats, which meant that I had to let the laundry suffer. And when the laundry suffers I find myself desperately digging through my clothes drawers to find something, ANYTHING, that is remotely acceptable to wear. I was lucky I wasn't going into the gym or that could have been tragically uncomfortable - instead I was running hills and trails in a somewhat isolated area where only a handful of people in a three year time period unwittingly witnessed my brave attempts at peeing-while-