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Is Self Doubt Self Fullfilling Prophecy?

Birthday bar drama could have been worse. No holiday would be complete without hot totties, a neighborhood marshmallow roast and bad birthday bar drama. Actually I had never had a hot tottie before, but it was fantastic! And the kids had a blast at our court-wide marshmallow roast with outdoor movie theater and in case you're it was not my birthday, but a night out celebrating my girlfriend's birthday led to *surprise* drama and my cell phone's unfortunate fate of being left in a cab in downtown Sacramento. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate drama? And girls who get sloppy drunk? And the cabbie permit office?  Even with this event-filled holiday break, I've managed to get in some workovers. In fact, yesterday I was able to squeeze in a mid-day workover and barefoot run to the gym. Woohoo! Its been nice to shirk a few chores during the holiday break, but its been hard to find time to get in a ride/run with the kids home. Oh well. So due to

Strong is the New Skinny

Box Jumps I'm not a leftovers kind of girl (although that has changed a bit with paleo). I rarely see the same movie twice. I hate routine. Nothing drives me more crazy than to see and do the same shit over and over every day. Monotony is my nemesis. Have I ever truly expressed how much I LOVE my training??  I do.  Throughout my life I've always been very active (running, hiking, backpacking, skiing, kayaking, etc...) I was fit, but I've never been particularly strong. However, I'm in better shape now than I've EVER been in my entire life. And lets be honest here, I'm no spring chicken. I'm dancing smack dab at the mid-life crisis party right now.  I guess I never really cared much about being strong. I figured that as a woman my strength was limited. I ran. I hiked. I skiied. But I felt I was only as strong as my body allowed me to be. And because I was "fit" I figured that real strength didn't matter all that much. I was wrong.  

Giddyup! The Best Sex...Errr...Fitness Gadgets

Fitness Bondage?  Here's my latest observation: There's a fine line between fitness equipment and sex toys. Yup. This is going to be another one of "those" posts so either bail now or um... settle in and get really comfortable. But please do me a favor and wash your hands before touching the keyboard. No one wants to clean bliss juice up. I got sidetracked recently (its easy for me to do) while reading about those stupid shoes that claim they can make you tone and fit just by wearing them. As a minimal and barefoot runner I find this kind of marketing blather pretty amusing.  As it turns out, I somehow ended up on YouTube watching ridiculous fitness equipment infomercials where women squeezed and gyrated on poles, swiveled in seats and suspended themselves from thin straps attached to elaborate adult swing sets. Yeah. I've seen equipment like this before and it wasn't used to tone your obliques. Unless you consider porn-worthy pelvic thrusting and