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Speedgoat 50k - I Blame Stupid

I guess I learned nothing when, at 16, my mom lectured me on never giving into peer pressure. Which is funny, cuz I've never been a peer pressure kinda person. In fact, if people are doing one thing I will almost always run in the opposite direction. Literally. Ok. So maybe its because I haven't a clue where the hell I'm going until someone screams "Krista!!! You're going the wrong way!" But, when someone tags me on facebook and tells me there's a party in Utah with the DirtyGirlz which might involve a little bit of running I don't ask for details. Oh hell no. I start packing.

This just happened. Have a peek at the  conversation that occurred on February 7th on one of the DirtyGirlz facebook status updates.

Charito BartlettFebruary 7via ultrasignup I blame my friends. It's gonna be an awesome hike!

Speedgoat - 50 Kilometers July 19, 2014 - Snowbird Resort, UT
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