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Party on the White Line and a Merrell Pace Glove Review

So I fell off the paleo wagon and was just a wee bit naughty this weekend. I made up for it though. Well.. sort of. I actually completed my workovers for the week AND got a nice trail run in. Trail running with good friends always leads to a bit of a celebration at the end. And today, after Cindy and I took a little running tour around the lake we met our husbands back at the bar... er... car. Oops. Did I just say bar? Damn. You caught me. That's right. We did a short run of about 4.4 miles and then stopped at the bar for some bloody marys. Needless to say, it was a good run. Here's some very low quality video from today.

I got to try out my Merrell Pace Gloves again today. Wow. I got an even better chance to really get a feel for these. My feet were very comfortable in them and I had LOTS of room to wiggle my toes. There was no pressure on my individual toes or heel like I get in my Vibrams. When I first tried these I wasn't so sure I was sold, but after a few runs on the …

The Run Smiley Collective - Come Join the Fun!

So I've been running barefoot for about 9 months now and I'm starting to think that the BFR folks out there are a crazy lot of uninhibited, hedonistic nature lovers with a propensity for drinking.

Just my kind of people!

Well, this wild and wacky behavior has started something. But let me back up a bit. If you don't know about its inception let me tell you about Kate Kift's blog post. She recently (literally days ago) wrote about how she's noticing a new trend amongst the running crowd. A shift in perspective. The latest running accessory isn't our snazzy Garmin or cool Vibrams but the stupid grin on our faces. People are worrying less about their times and distances and are just having fun. Running is our passion. Passion isn't attached to numbers or distances. Its about the journey. We don't run a race and then throw in the towel because we ran a race. We keep running. Some of us don't even run races. We run for fun. Every now and then we might have…

Merrell Pace Glove Quick Video Review

Bought some new shoes and am taking them for a test drive. Things have been crazy busy with me lately, so here's a short video update. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Designing Shirts and Reading Books - Fodder for My Fiyah!

What do hot chicks and barefoot running have in common? A tshirt. Yup. I've been working my little ass off designing another BFR tshirt for my next giveaway. I'm currently putting the final tweaks on it, but I'm afraid my head won't stop. I have a few more ideas I have to unleash before I can reveal the designs. Its been hard to find time, lately. I've been feeding the Fiyah which leads to more inspiration, but ironically less time to actually create.

So, what have I been doing to feed my creative muses?

Well, something most barefoot runners have already done prior to learning to run barefoot. Reading about it. I hate to admit it, but I haven't read a lick about barefoot running except for the bits and pieces of information I find on the BRS forums. The one book I've wanted to read, but was holding back on, is now dog-eared at page 161. Christopher McDougall's Born to Run

This book was temporarily off my "to do" radar until a good friend of min…

Holy Crap! Did I just do that?

Something completely unexpected happened yesterday. I think it was the culmination of all the work I've been doing trying to get my tight-wadded-messed-up-excuse-for-a-body back into shape and injury free. Seth set me up to do a mile time trial late last week. Well, with the race and Mother's Day I just couldn't fit it in so I decided to give it a shot Monday evening. He specifically told me not to do any lifting or other exercise the day before, but mobility work was good like stretching or foam rolling. So I followed his instructions...well, sort of... I did have one question (like I always do. The poor guy has put up with A LOT of stupid questions from me) and although I'm not brave enough to ask him personally (um... can we say awkward?), I'm brave enough to blog about it. Ha! Go figure. You guys should know me by now. So here goes... Does that mean sex is off the menu the day before? Because I might be inclined to lump that kind of activity into the exercise c…

Racing for a Cure Barefoot 5k

I raced this morning. On shitty asphalt.
Lots of rough, cracked, and uneven bits. This required some serious strategy, folks. Really. The thing that annoyed me the most were the shod runners who were "running the lines." You know? The paint lines in the road? Yeah. Just so you know... if I'm running a race barefoot and the conditions are shitty, those lines are MINE! SHODDERS GET THE HELL OFF OF THEM! And not to be bitchy or anything, but GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY WAY! I gotta keep up my cadence and if I slow down or have to come to a screeching halt for any reason, my feet really feel it. I don't like to be parked on pointy, gritty asphalt for any length of time. I gotta keep moving.

Wow. I feel better now.

So, it was actually a great run. Even with all the swerving and strategizing I felt super fast. Had I not had a crappy surface to run on I would have kicked some serious barefoot ass! I'm getting closer, though. My barefoot pace was equivalent to what I nor…

Race Day Fiyah!

So I'm getting myself ready for my first race of the season. I will be running the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure on Saturday, May 7th. Its a basic 5k run, but this will be the first year I do it barefoot. In preparation I got out my henna and drew my flames. Fiyah!

I ran this race last year. Oddly enough, with about a quarter mile to go, I ended up running behind a barefoot runner who was racing in memory of his mother. I was in awe. It was my first real world contact with a live barefoot runner! I hadn't begun my barefoot running journey myself yet and knew very little about it. Seeing this guy finish the race completely bare of shoes was inspiring to say the least. The dude seriously got my waterworks flowing. Ok. If you're snickering at that "waterworks flowing" comment understand that's not the kind of moist I'm talking about here. Ok. The dude had a great body, but I'm talking about tears, people. Yes. I had tears finishing that race. It was o…