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DirtyGirlZ100 Epic Adventure - Into the Desert PART 1

DirtyGirlZ100 Charito, Krista, Kristina, Jen & Maggie PART 1: Because every good story needs to be told in parts. . . . . . . . . . .  If setting up a tent the size of a hotel with 5 minutes to spare before dark with four other crazy, hungry, car fatigued bitches is any indication of how well this crew would work together and get along, then that challenge alone was a great prediction of ultra success. Seriously. We had that thing up in less than five minutes. Okay. That might be an exaggeration but it was definitely a smooth operation. Or at least it was until some random freak blast of a wind lifted up the entire right side and nearly all of us in it too. Oops. I guess we forgot to stake a few corners. But it was all good. T minus 15 minutes before dark. Needless to say, my trip out to Virgin, Utah to crew and pace my friend Maggie in her first 100 miler was nothing short of epic good times.  Bam! Tent up! Now let me back up a little because this running ad

Go Maggie! Run yerself some stupid miles, girl!

My crewing duties as the official map girl.   I'm packin' and gettin' ready to help my friend Maggie run some stupid miles in the desert of Zion, Virgin Utah. Life is busy right now so this post is going to be el shorto. I just want to put this out there before I go... I haven't known Maggie for too long now - maybe about eight months - but what I do know of this girl is amazing, inspiring and nothing short of fiyah! If I ever get to be half the runner she is I would be a happy girl. So I want to wish her luck in her first 100 miler. Honestly, I don't think she even needs it. She's totally got this. Just her fire alone is gonna get her ass across the finish line (not to mention she's hella strong.) And s he's already lit up the Zion facebook page with her endearing honesty and trouble-making ways insisting that this race be "officially" measured by the inch to exactly 100 miles or more and nothing less. Yup. That's my girl! She doe

The Ranch Athletics - My New Sanctuary

The Ranch Athletics - My new sanctuary. If you're wondering why I've been MIA lately its because life has kinda sucked. Literally. I feel like I've been sucked into a spiraling abyss of work with a cartoon duck at the center of it - spinning like in those old Twilight Zone movies. Then just when I seem to crawl out of that space I get sucked into another hole with HTML/CSS/JS/ fucking numbers , slashes and code everywhere and when I finally surface the sun is gone or its beer o' clock and time to go to the gym - not for beer (although my coaches know that a couple Loomis Basin Brewery growlers make me very happy), but to work off the stress of work and deadlines and the random call from the principal that my kid just intentionally peed on the floor of the bathroom at school just for giggles. It seems my only sanctuary now has finally arrived. My ball slam fail. I fell over. My coaches were amused. The Ranch Athletics . Yes. They are finally open and they a