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Hoo-rag Winners and Update

Alrighty then... did you win a black/white Hoo-rag? If you are comments number 3 and 7 the answer is YES! So Jeff and Scott you'll need to contact me soon at  zapmamak[at]  to claim your prize! Thank you to everyone who participated in my little poll on my Zaps Threads designs. Even a little bit of feedback helps and is very much appreciated. It looks like the Original Barefoot Runner Tee Design won favorite design with the Zombie Pacer Tee coming in second. I'm also currently working on a new design and will have it for sale at the Born To Run Ultra (that's my plan anyway) and will have another Zaps Threads Tshirt giveaway shortly after the race in May which will include that design as well so stay tuned. So life is busy right now... here's the clif notes version: Not only am I currently training for my hundred miler, but I'm getting ready to pace/crew a friend for her first hundo in April. My friend Maggie is running the Zion 100 in Utah on Ap

Another Hoo-Rag Giveaway and Some Flim Flam

Beyoncé would totally rock the Hoo-rag! { this giveaway closed March 17th, 2013} Alrighty then... are you ready for another Hoo-rag giveaway? Cuz I need a little favor to ask and I'm hoping ya'll will kindly oblige. You see... I'm getting ready for the upcoming Born To Run Ultramarathon in May. This year, unlike last year, I intend to experience the flavor of the event a bit more. You know - only run 31 miles instead of 62, hang by the bonfire, listen to some cool music, hoola hoop, maybe do a little salsa dancing and possibly sell some Zaps Threads shirts. Yup. That is , if I get my shit together. I have a special design that I want to do and sorta "showcase" at the event. It won't be sold or printed through Spreadshirt (although I will add it to the shop after the race.) I will be printing this design - along with maybe three others - through a badass screen printer on some quality ringspun shirts. This is a design that I want to really speak to

My OCCD Problem and Recipe Sharing

Frozen Chocolate Chippers don't last long in our house. Some readers of my blog may already know I tried the Paleo Diet a couple years ago (if ya'll are still reading my blog, cuz honestly I hear crickets around here these days - but they're cute little chirpy crickets so I'll write with their background noise any day and just pretend people read whatever the fuck I write about.) So yeah... I tried the Paleo Diet a couple years back and for the most part it kinda stuck. I suspect that like most diets (I don't have any other diet to compare it to) it was a bit of a struggle in the beginning but it allowed me to try a new way of eating and adopt some new habits and behaviors. I say that I stuck with it "for the most part" because I wouldn't consider myself strict Paleo. I never gave up alcohol, I enjoy a smudge of butter on my paleo pancakes, and chocolate is still my nemesis. You might also catch me on a rare occasion eating a bagel and egg sandw

Well... That's Just Unsafe

From some obscure SEO ranking website. WARNING: This blog is "Unsafe." Please read with responsibility and at your own risk. You should never attempt anything you read on this blog without the supervision and guidance of a trained professional including: barefoot running, trail running, foam rolling, masturbating, jump roping, snot-rocketing, peeing while standing up, pole dancing, running on a treadmill, doing more than 100 sit-ups while wearing a thong panty, stretching, drinking, pull-ups or breathing. These activities could result in serious harm and injury and no... I'm not a trained professional so don't even ask. But you already knew that. So apparently my blog is "unsafe." Probably because it contains the word "naked" in it. Ok. I'll own that. Its probably also unsafe because I talk about my vagina, post pictures of naked people and drop the f-bomb every now and then. OK. I'll own that too. And I'm guessing there are