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The Underwear Conundrum

When writing my blog posts I often debate whether or not I should broach certain subjects which are slightly indecent, moderately suggestive, offensive, superficial or kinda stupid. Yeah. Well, most of the time I write about them anyway. Today's post is certainly no exception. In all honesty, its a perfectly reasonable question and since we're all adults here (hopefully) I figure I will throw it out there. I don't mean to be naughty or crass, but this subject matter is something I think most of us are curious about, myself included. And something most women have probably thought about or dealt with while either running or working out. Maybe other women will read this, answer my question or have advice. So at the risk of being labeled an attention whore, here's my post and question. What do you wear under your gym clothes? I'm not asking this in a kinky, sleezy, breathy "hey there sexy, tell me what you're wearing..." sort of way. I'm asking thi

Sacrificing Supersonic Runs and my Soles

My Invisible Shoe Huaraches 4mm Running supersonic while people pass me on the bike trail with their dogs is not the brightest of ideas I've had lately. It totally fouled my tabata run this morning. Rather than taking a few bites in the ass I opted to slow down a bit to let the crazy dogs pass. It messed up my time and it totally fucked up my counting. Yeah. I'm challenged that way, as you know. I eventually finished out the run, but ended up doing one more sprint than needed which was just as well. That wasn't the only run that was logistically sacrificed this week. Well sort of. I struggled with how I was going to run on Monday. Seth finally programmed either a longish (well... 45 minute) run or bike for my workover and I chose the run. I have been jonesin' to run barefoot lately, but knew that this was a "workover" and it (as Seth puts it) should never be comfortable or easy, unless he tells me just to go have fun, which he does on occasion. So altho

1 Year Barefoot Runniversary

Stupid Bridge If I were an engineer one of two things would happen. My boss would fire my ass as soon as he found out I couldn't count worth shit or I would engineer some kind of warped, cock-eyed, scary-ass bridge that no one in their right mind would ever even consider crossing unless they were suicidal. And in that case...well bridge would be perfect. But a perfect bridge for people who only want easy access to kill themselves doesn't exactly inbue success. And neither did my workover tonight. But before I wax on about my general stupidity and lame-ass workover, I need to take a moment to celebrate. Celebrate what, you ask? Um. My runniversary, of course. Yeah. I'm a bit smug about it. Well kind of.   September 7th 2010 . Here's a brief excerpt from my very first blog post (because I know ya'll are too lazy to go look it up. But that's OK. I'm right there with you and I've gotch yer back.) "I have walked on hot, pointy gra

Run Barefoot Girl Song

Is that Kei$ha's Tik Tok? Was that verse about barefoot running? And was that my name? Awwwyeah... My friend Caity over at Run Barefoot Girl had this piece masterfully crafted as a tribute to her barefoot running passion. It is superbly engineered and well done. You have to hear it. Its a lot of fun. 2nd verse: "I’m talking naked from heel to toe, toe Wearing my favorite clothes, clothes Taking on sand and snow, snow Drop-topping, thinking about the Smileys Vanessa, Patrick and Katie Shelly, Krista and Angie..." Awwww. I've never been in a song before. That's so cool. • Listen to the song . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .