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2014 Born To Run Ultras - Festival, Celebration, Shenanigans, Magic

State flags over the start/finish line at the Born To Run Ultras 2014 As my ultra running friend, Patrick Sweeney, would call it... this year's Born To Run Ultras were nothing less than a Shenaniganza. But shenanigans aside (oh don't you worry, I'll get to that later), there was something stellarly different about this year's event. Maybe it was the costumes - I watched the marshmallow man run the beer mile and danced with a chicken. Maybe it was the fact that this race was bigger than ever with close to 600 runners registered. Or maybe it was the fact that a few well known names like Jenn Shelton and Billy Barnett came down to the Ranch to run. It could have been the Tarahumara themselves who were there in person partaking in the event, running and selling specialty items handmade in the copper canyons - I finally found a special belt to hang my hundred mile buckle from, which I think was fate. My new belt handmade by the Tarahumara Or maybe it was the raunchy

Born To Run Ultras Prep 2014

I've been busy lately. Can you tell? No recent blog posts = SUPER BUSY. Yup. I've been getting shirts printed, crafted a disco ball, sewed a teeny tiny Zaps Threads Barbie tee, participated in an awesome interview for the Unapologetically Ultra Podcast (you can  check my interview out here ), built curtains out of recycled CDs, hot glued the shit out of a bunch of shiny objects and made it into a funky lantern, still training for Speedgoat 50k,  made a really cool bracelet, baked cookies, helped plan a 1year anniversary party for my gym, The Ranch Athletics, mom by default, and I work and design shit every single day cuz it's my real job. Whew. Zap's Chill Lounge lighting And that's the short list. Speaking of lists, I've been this busy because I'm preparing for the Born To Run Ultras again this year. I'm in the midst of packing right now. That's my list above. And yes... there's a blurred bit right above the "whiskey" (whic