Born To Run Ultras Prep 2014

I've been busy lately. Can you tell? No recent blog posts = SUPER BUSY. Yup. I've been getting shirts printed, crafted a disco ball, sewed a teeny tiny Zaps Threads Barbie tee, participated in an awesome interview for the Unapologetically Ultra Podcast (you can check my interview out here), built curtains out of recycled CDs, hot glued the shit out of a bunch of shiny objects and made it into a funky lantern, still training for Speedgoat 50k,  made a really cool bracelet, baked cookies, helped plan a 1year anniversary party for my gym, The Ranch Athletics, mom by default, and I work and design shit every single day cuz it's my real job.


Zap's Chill Lounge lighting
And that's the short list.

Speaking of lists, I've been this busy because I'm preparing for the Born To Run Ultras again this year. I'm in the midst of packing right now. That's my list above. And yes... there's a blurred bit right above the "whiskey" (which, by the way, I wrote on my list twice lest I forget something that important which means my arm sleeves, phone, and handwarmers must be just as important since I wrote those on there more than once as well.) But every camping list must have something of questionable nature on it or its just not camping. In this case, BTR just wouldn't be the same without the blurred bit...

Naughty Barbie sporting one of my
new ultrarunning designs.
So if you'll be attending Born To Run this year come by my booth, check out my new designs, (they're old school gaming meets ultrarunning inspired) and sit down and chill cuz not only will I be selling shirts but I will have a rad running lounge to sit your tired ass down in and chill out with a cold beer from the communal keg, which by the way, is being donated by a really cool dude named Brahm (not quite sure how that's pronounced). Rumor has it that he ordered a keg of Stone beer! Yum. This little loung-ey atmosphere will be complete with homemade disco ball, funky lighting, inflatable intertubes, beanbags and a "bar". Awwwwwyeah. I tried to get some ideas from the Whiskeytown aid station at the Zion 100, but I'm afraid I won't be quite at that level of rad just yet. I think I need a few years of the lounge under my belt. We'll see how this all works out. My disco ball is pretty rad though and so is my Barbie tee specially sewn for one of Nancy Kaplan's BTR Naughty Barbie Crew which have been known to appear on the course participating in all sorts of shenanigans.

Speaking of shenanigans, I really need to get back to my baking. I'm really looking forward to this year's upcoming Born To Run party. You know the one. The party where a race breaks out. Apparently, the Zaps Barbie has decided to participate sans the pants this year. 
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 


  1. It rhymes with Tom. Looking forward to chillin' out in the lounge!


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