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Fuck The Krista Who Gives a Fuck

Wearing a bikini at Donner Lake. I caught myself in a "what other people think" spiral the other day. I really hate when I do that. Its totally unhealthy and disparaging, and frankly, I'm a little disappointed that I let those thoughts control me. That kind of thinking often tries to dominate the most menial of my decision making. Those thoughts make me wanna punch myself in the face Fight Club style. I usually put up a good fight though and lately I've been the champion of a few, but sadly... sometimes... they win. So what was the stupid task that triggered this whole in-head drama?  I decided to change my profile pic on facebook.  Yup.  Stupid, huh? Here's what that stupid conversation looked like in my head... Krista Who Gives a Fuck I wanna update my Facebook page profile. Our vacay at Donner was so nice and relaxing. Those would be good. Krista Who Doesn't Give a Fuck I love that shot from that little summit above the train tunnel. Tha

Summer Antics

Seriously. He can abduct me any time... Jeez, Krista, you haven't written in your blog for over three weeks. Have you... a. Been held captive by a tribe of chimps wearing pants and carrying sharp sticks? b. Been abducted by aliens disguised as Brad Pit and Matt Damon? (I don't give a shit if they're from another planet if they look like Brad Pitt or Matt Damon I will succumb to their every sample.) c. Are you on the floor of your gym and can't get up?  d. All of the above  If this were an S.A.T. question test professionals would suggest that if you aren't sure of the answer then your best choice is C. So lets go with that.  Its C then. Although, I think I'll fantasize about B for a while... Anyway... I've been pretty wrapped up in my training lately (as well as other fun stuff). I don't post my workovers anymore because frankly I forget what I do every day at my gym ... hey... that's what happens when I deprive my brain of oxygen