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Wild Running in Desolation, Speedgoat Training

Dick's Lake It seems I'm on a roll with this slacking thing lately. It's not just my ass . My blogging hobby has taken a backseat to my Speedgoat training and summer antics and although it may appear as if I haven't been writing, I actually have a whole 'nother post almost three quarters done waiting to be finished. But, I'm not even sure I have the guts to complete it. It's the kind of post that has me scared shitless to publish and I can't quite figure out why I have this need to write about something so personal. Its a little ironic since I'm perfectly comfortable writing about camel toe , running orgasms , my own ineptness at masturbation , and f itness/sex toys , but this post is different and a little more serious. I can't seem to bring this one to the surface and lighten it up. Its just heavy. Very heavy. And I've been struggling with it. So I'm putting it on the backburner for now. In the meantime, it was nice to get a bre