Wild Running in Desolation, Speedgoat Training

Dick's Lake
It seems I'm on a roll with this slacking thing lately. It's not just my ass. My blogging hobby has taken a backseat to my Speedgoat training and summer antics and although it may appear as if I haven't been writing, I actually have a whole 'nother post almost three quarters done waiting to be finished. But, I'm not even sure I have the guts to complete it. It's the kind of post that has me scared shitless to publish and I can't quite figure out why I have this need to write about something so personal. Its a little ironic since I'm perfectly comfortable writing about camel toe, running orgasms, my own ineptness at masturbation, and fitness/sex toys, but this post is different and a little more serious. I can't seem to bring this one to the surface and lighten it up. Its just heavy. Very heavy. And I've been struggling with it.

So I'm putting it on the backburner for now.

In the meantime, it was nice to get a break from the depths of my writing head drama to go do a run with some of my favorite people in desolation wilderness up in Tahoe this weekend. I needed that. All 16-18 miles of it. Mostly on crazy technical, rooty, rocky, and mostly unrunnable trail in which I rolled my right ankle five times, my left ankle two times, and was nearly eaten alive by mosquitos. But I'll endure ankle rolls (as long as my feet don't snap off), long ass climbing, and blood gorging mosquitos to see the kind of terrain I got to see this weekend. The beauty of the wilderness is just unreal sometimes. How could something so wild and untame be so incredibly amazing??

We started at Bayview trailhead across from Emerald Bay near South Shore. Climbing up through the terrain, I saw my own personal heaven thirty or fourty times over. I was jealous of the backpackers carrying their little homes on their backs and I wished I was spending more than just one perfect day in the backcountry.

While some of us tested our strength on a few boulders...

 I smelled a few trees...

And stuffed my boobs full of snowballs.

And then someone challenged me to a pullup competition in the middle of desolation wilderness.

Then we took a group photo from the pass.

Because every awesome view deserves rockin' the devil horns (and I WAS wearing my favorite AC/DC shirt) ...

Then we continued down the other side of the mountain through a little lush mountain oasis...

...that traveled across babbling brooks and waterfalls where we took off our shirts and dunked them in the water to cool off - although that "third boob" snowball I had been carrying in my shirt lasted me for a while.

We stopped at the Fallen Leaf Lake General Store for a little mini lunch and a huge coke (I had only brought enough food and water for an 8-10 miler because I wasn't expecting it to be so pretty - I'm easily distracted and can't help myself sometimes.)

After our short break and a refill of our packs we climbed around the lake - an incessant, steep little singletrack that surprisingly got even steeper and longer by the minute (or maybe we were just tired) - back to the Talac Trailhead where I hitched a ride with some kids back to the car so I could shuttle the girls back to the Bayview trailhead.

So funk cleared out of my head and wild air in my lungs, our little mini adventure was just what I needed. Looking forward to spending a few good days in the mountains of Utah with these girls!

Bring on The Speedgoat! Or the Slowgoat, in my case! As long as I finish that mother!
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


  1. Glad to see you're getting out and enjoying the summer, and no better place to enjoy it than Tahoe. Sounds like you're working out the same muscle awareness, tight hip flexor, weak glute issues that I've been dealing with. Good to know the training is helping. Now get that not-so-slacker ass out there and tackle the Speedgoat!

  2. Hey Krista,

    That's beautiful country to run/hike up into around Tahoe. I've been MIA with my blogging for a while. I hope your ankles have recovered. Ouch! Great pictures too in this post, as usual with your writing. Good luck at Speedgoat.



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