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I'm Dead.

"Why waste my time here on this planet barely scratching the surface of the human experience?" So you may already know... I'm dead. Well, not in the literal sense of the word but in an ephemeral internet sense. Personal blogging is dead. At least that's what I heard on YouTube. It's been taken over by self-monetizing, google ads ridden, affiliate, passive income blogging. So if you're reading this (and apparently 1004 humans did last month) then you should definitely know I'm dead. Well, at least my blog is. In a way, I was never really alive since I never gave in to the adsense nonsense anyway. My days have been consumed by learning lately. I'm not sure where it's coming from but I'm devouring information like a starved animal. I'm submerged in tutorials, books on psychology and design, podcasts, and my own creative work these days. I'm a fucking sponge. Information enters my brain and gets violently regurgitated on paper as ab