Do you know me?

I'm a runner, an artist and a single mom adventurer of two young crazy boys. When I'm not adventuring, or being mom I'm working as a graphic designer designing corporate identity materials for my clients. I'm also the official Zap in Zaps Threads - that crazy tshirt lady who makes specialized graphic tees for the running community. Yeah. That's me.

My biggest love, though, is sleeping under the stars. I love backpacking and skiing and take my boys climbing, camping, and adventure seeking as much as possible. I'm passionate about art and painting and am always struggling with the timing of my muses. They seem to lure me at the most unsuitable times. I love body art, tattoos (although I personally prefer to be minus the tats) and mehndi design - I make my own henna. Rarely will you find me without some kind of henna art coming or going on my body.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

I love people! Feel free to contact me at zapmamak[at]


  1. Crap I just realized I used the same heading for my "about me" on my blog. Did I inadvertently copy you, or are we just two great minds? I can't figure it out, but now I feel weird about my heading. :p

  2. I noticed that too! I changed it recently a couple times and then realized it was identical to yours and decided it wasn't worth changing again. Ha! GREAT minds!

  3. Beautiful lady love the smile :] and the page

  4. Not quite sure how I missed out on your wicked cool blog til now, but i've arrived. The video is the funniest effing thing since the girl who burned her hair off with the curling iron. :>

    1. Awwww. Thank you! Yeah. I was really drunk for that video. Ha! And I gotta check the girl who burned her hair off... :-)


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