DAY 2 - Pay attention!!

My ugly well worn ultra motion control shoes.
What did I learn on my run this morning? To PAY ATTENTION. I'm realizing that even though I have been running pose for a while now, and practicing my drills off and on (although I haven't been very diligent about this lately) I really need to think about how I'm running, when I'm running barefoot. After chasing my son to school on his scooter I had a fairly sore left calf. I was running faster than I normally would and I wasn't thinking about my form. I didn't take it easy, which has been my mantra throughout this whole endeavor.

Prior to picking up barefooting, I was running 5-7 miles at least three times a week. I cannot wait to get back to that now that my hip feels back to normal.

My plan:  Go back to the old-shodded-ultra-motion-control-running while building up my barefoot mileage in the off-days.

I'm hoping this sore calf doesn't cause any more problems. I'm realizing that running barefoot is the ultimate pose running. There's no cheating or my body will bitch-slap me.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


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