DAY 3 - Asphalt is a Bitch, Paint is Nice.

Its amazing how intense my sense of touch is when running without shoes. Asphalt is rough and kind of pokey. Cement is smoother but buffs all my calluses raw. And the road paint is...well... kind of like running on satin. Awwwwwyeah. It would be heavenly to just run the lines in the roads. Heavenly, until I got hit by some stupid ass SUV. For now, I guess I'll take the rough road.

My run tonight went well. Squeezed out 1.7 miles of shodless running. Although my left calf was still sore I think I have some kind of a clue: I run a little stiff while barefoot - probably afraid at any given moment I'm going to step on something all sharp and jabby.

I've been reading a ton of running blogs lately and thought I remembered somewhere, some piece of abstract advice that said to "relax, relax, relax". I tried it and could feel my calf simmer down a bit. I also concentrated on landing squarely mid-foot with a bit of heel spring. Seems to be the ticket for now. I did better tonight than I did last time I ran.

So far, my experience has been two steps forward, one step back. Even with that, I feel like I'm going somewhere with this, albeit slowly.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


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