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Foul Weather Training

California Super Storm Its now officially all of a sudden winter here in California and there's going to be a deluge of weather in the next ten days. So I, being the sane and sensible person that I am < insert sarcastic voice here >  decided to do something very reasonable. I decided to help sweep the marathon portion of the North Face Endurance Challenge Championship in Marin this weekend. I did that. I seem to be getting good at doing stupid things. "But why is this so stupid, Krista?" you ask. Because it just so happens that this weekend (and probably for the next ten days) we are under extreme weather alert. Its our little mini west coast version of hurricane Sandy. We like to call it a Storm Siege California or California Super Storm. You know. Whatever makes it sound like California is going to fall off the edge of the continent at a ny moment will describe this storm perfectly. And no Super Storm would be complete without catastrophic activity lik

My 100 Miler Decision

My rented room in Sheffield England When I was 24 I moved to Sheffield England. My plan was to attend Sheffield Hallam University Art School as part of an "exchange program" through my college. I use quotes here because this "exchange program" was loosely structured and not really sanctioned by the college itself, but instead informally organized through a mutual agreement between two professors in two different countries. The airfare was expensive and cost me around $800 roundtrip but lucky for me I had smartly invested a small amount of money in my very first mutual fund du ring my last year of high school and its dividends were just enough to get me overseas. Barely. I had left a relationship back home which was starting to go sour. Very sour. Leaving the country was an ideal out for me and probably the best decision I have ever made in my life. But it was scary. I had never travelled solo before and although I had the support of one of the university pro

Ten Ways To Annoy Me At The Gym

Yeah. This is my gym. Enough said. I'm the first to admit I'm a living, running, breathing gym fail and I'm OK with that. Most of the time I end up laughing at myself for something stupid I just did (like when I was stretching between reps of back squats and somehow managed to hit my head on the squat rack. Who does that?) But even with all my stupidity and lack of grace I try to stay focused with my gym workovers so I can get in and out of there. But, sometimes that's hard to do because of... well... people.   Really. People.  I know I'm not one to talk. Hell, I've had my fair share of being the annoying person (dude who I almost kicked in the head doing pullups would probably agree), but I think we can all share the burden here. So if you really want to piss me off in the gym here are a few guidelines. WARNING: Petty post and r ant ahead. Make snarky comments about my minimal shoes.  Even better, make sure you tell me that Vans are inappropriate fo