Foul Weather Training

California Super Storm
Its now officially all of a sudden winter here in California and there's going to be a deluge of weather in the next ten days. So I, being the sane and sensible person that I am < insert sarcastic voice here >  decided to do something very reasonable. I decided to help sweep the marathon portion of the North Face Endurance Challenge Championship in Marin this weekend. I did that. I seem to be getting good at doing stupid things.

"But why is this so stupid, Krista?" you ask.

Because it just so happens that this weekend (and probably for the next ten days) we are under extreme weather alert. Its our little mini west coast version of hurricane Sandy. We like to call it a Storm Siege California or California Super Storm. You know. Whatever makes it sound like California is going to fall off the edge of the continent at any moment will describe this storm perfectly. And no Super Storm would be complete without catastrophic activity like "Widespread Flooding," "Mudslides," "Damaging Winds," and "High Avalanche Danger."

So I'm driving about two and a half hours to get to the coast so I can volunteer to run for 20 miles in the downpour. On steep muddy hills. Ahhhh... brings back memories of Rodeo Valley last Spring. The Northface Endurance Challenge takes place on the same trail. At least I know what I'm in for. Ugggh.

Deep mud. Impossible to run on. Nearly impossible to walk in.
When I last spoke to the Race Director this morning there didn't seem to be any indication that the event would be cancelled and I'm not one to bail on my responsibilities especially when it sounds like other volunteers are bailing. So... onward!!! Into the elements it is!!!

Stupid girl.

So I'm trying to strategize my running wardrobe for the weekend. I will have to suffice with running tights, a performance shirt, rain jacket and billed hat to keep the rain out of my face (my jacket hood is useless since the pull cord to tighten it is broken). I'm torn with wearing my rain jacket since hill climbing makes me hot. Weather like this always makes me wonder why we even wear clothes at all. My skin is better at wicking away moisture than performance wear. I suppose if this were a Super Storm in Hawaii I might consider less clothing, but its going to be a tad chilly on the mainland.

And since I'm sweeping (I've never swept a race before) I'm figuring I should be self supported since people will probably be closing up aid early due to the weather. With that, I will be lugging my hydration pack along as well. At the very least its another layer that could keep me dry.

So I'll consider this part of my training for foul weather. When else am I going to get to experiment with this shit?

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  


  1. I used to be completely dead set against foul weather. I always said I'd never become a winter running person...I did. I said I'd skip training runs when it rained, I stopped doing that. Now sometimes, when the weather is at its absolute freakishly worst, I immediately think, "I have to go out and see what it's like running in that!"

    1. That's awesome! I don't mind the weather a bit. I do mind running on treacherously muddy hills on the edge of the cliffs high above the Pacific Ocean, though. It was ridiculously muddy. I might write a follow-up post on that.

  2. i love stripping down and running when it's raining hard. i swear one day i will do it naked. just have to make sure there are no women or children around who will die from the shock of seeing me.

    skin truly is more waterproof than anything we can buy. wind makes it difficult and cold though.

    1. I agree. I think it would be awesome to run in the rain naked. So long as it wasn't windy and cold. I might need to check into living in Hawaii for a bit. ;-)


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