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Ask me Anything. I Will Answer.

Tag. I'm it.Vanessa over at Vanessa Runs tagged me in a post to participate in a Question and Answer Game.Ok. I'll admit its taken me a bit to warm up to the idea. There's something about allowing complete strangers to ask any question they want of me that strikes me as a little reckless (there's an underlying assumption that the people who follow my blog actually read it and want to know more.) And who knows what people are going to ask. Yeah. That's a bit nerve-racking. But here goes. Any question. You wanna know? I will tell you. Honestly, I'm not sure there's much about me that people want to know or that I haven't already shared.
So, I accept the challenge. Ask me something. Anything. I don't care. Really. You want to know? I will be honest. I will never candy coat, sugar coat or put fake spins on stuff. That's just not who I am. I like honesty and reality even if it crosses the line. Seriously. You wanna ask me about my poop? Do it. OK. May…

Eppies Great Race 2011

No watch. No ipod. No phone. No technology whatsoever. I ran, biked and kayaked the Eppies 2011 Triathalon for the pure joy of it. Actually, I intended to bring my phone so I could do a short video or at the very least text my husband at the end, but I lost it right before the start of the race, which was a little stressful, but I had to let that go to find my happy place.

I ditched all the "stuff" (well, everything but the Merrell Pace Gloves) so that I could truly enjoy this race. My intention was to "Run Smiley" the whole way which I did. Sorta. Well, that is until that bitch passed me on the bike leg for the third time. I looked up and she was in front of me. Again! Damn her! Ok. So that part wasn't so "Run Smiley", but a little competition never hurt anyone, right? Except that I really couldn't compete at my potential for this race. Only about four miles into the run I could feel my knee acting up. I was running my fastest race that I've d…

The Naked Truth- WARNING: Content Contains Nudity

This particular post may not be suitable for everyone. If you're offended easily by the beauty of the nude human form you should have already hit the back button. In fact, if you're offended easily you should probably not be reading my blog.
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This Blog Content Contains Nudity: Just so we're clear, not mine...

At the risk of overposting this pic and article about the all female rowing team in the U.K. (and risking being flipped over to the adult content category) I decided it was totally blog-worthy. For those of my followers who are friends with me on Facebook (or Daily Mile), you probably already saw this image and the ensuing discussion and other photos that followed. These are some seriously hot chicks. And the body paint was masterfully done on their topless bodies. Incredible work.

I should mention how I came across this article. I actually found it by looking up the search terms that I found in my blog stats. It seems my blog can be found using …

Crossfit Girl's Gone Bad

Put a bunch of hot, sweaty chicks together with some tractor tires, a couple of "prowlers", some weights and rowing machines and you've got a recipe for punishment.That would be Crossfit Centurion's Girl's Only WOD. 

My friend Cindy belongs to a Crossfit gym that hosts "Ladie's Nights" where they invite women to come get their fitness fiyah on and become familiar with a little bit of what a Crossfit Gym has to offer. Its also a chance for all the girls to get together for a little post WOD (Workout of the Day) "happy hour" with some socializing and a potluck of goodies, mimosas, wine and other spirits. But before the "happy" commences you have to get sweaty. Good and sweaty. Think serious suffering sweaty. Really. Like you want to roll over and die after you're done kind of suffering sweaty. Those girls don't jog on a treadmill for a half hour and then call it a workout. Um. That wouldn't even be considered a decent wa…

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner and a Tshirt!

Number 17 got lucky.Congrats to Ken over at Read/Write/Run! You got yourself a free shirt! Hopefully Ken checked back to see his winner status but if not I will try and get in touch with him to hook him up with his shirt soon!
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July Free Shirt Giveaway! Come Get Some!

FINALLY! We have another FREE Shirt Giveaway!Here they are. The new designs. Inspired by all the women barefoot runners I know out there. You girls rock! I was on design fiyah! I couldn't just present one idea, so here are a few more than expected.

About these designs... Inspired by Angie Bee's wing concept she came up with for the IBRD shirt, I created a "fiyah" wing graphic that could be integrated into a new BFR logo. I use these "fiyah wings" throughout a bunch of these designs including the ones of the pin-up girls. I couldn't resist illustrating barefoot pin-ups for this round of designs. I love the idea of a vintage pin-up transformed into barefoot runner girl in combination with the "fiyah" image. I love this kind of a juxtaposition. Old-school, docile beauty meets defiant and rebellious revolutionary thinker. Yeah. Don't fucking mess with her.

The defiant and rebellious concept is also part of the BFRevolution idea (Design #4 below…

Are You Ready? I've Got a Free Shirt to Give Away Soon!

Hey! Do you wanna free shirt? I can hook you up. That's right. In the next couple days (it would have happened today, but I'm still waiting on one last design to be "approved" by the powers-that-be at Spreadshirt and for the giveaway coupon code approval) I will be hosting my second BFR shirt giveaway!! So keep your eyeballs peeled (oh, the visual) for this upcoming freebie. You won't want to miss out. Especially all the lady barefoot runners out there in blogosphereland. I also have a design or two just for us girls. I really think you'll dig these designs.

And speaking of the designs... this time I was inspired by Caity McCardell's Run Barefoot Girl podcast series and have come to realize that the barefoot girls out there are really a special crew of women. We're an unusual bunch. Part of a spirited, life-embracing, thoughtful and potent tribe. I'm proud to be even a small part of that. What we are doing... its revolutionary. Even if our ancestor…