Are You Ready? I've Got a Free Shirt to Give Away Soon!

New BFR Shirt Designs Revealed Soon!
Hey! Do you wanna free shirt? I can hook you up. That's right. In the next couple days (it would have happened today, but I'm still waiting on one last design to be "approved" by the powers-that-be at Spreadshirt and for the giveaway coupon code approval) I will be hosting my second BFR shirt giveaway!! So keep your eyeballs peeled (oh, the visual) for this upcoming freebie. You won't want to miss out. Especially all the lady barefoot runners out there in blogosphereland. I also have a design or two just for us girls. I really think you'll dig these designs.

And speaking of the designs... this time I was inspired by Caity McCardell's Run Barefoot Girl podcast series and have come to realize that the barefoot girls out there are really a special crew of women. We're an unusual bunch. Part of a spirited, life-embracing, thoughtful and potent tribe. I'm proud to be even a small part of that. What we are doing... its revolutionary. Even if our ancestors did it long before us. We are coming back around. Getting grounded. Learning. Failing. Winning. Becoming more of who we are meant to be... again. Just by finding our passion. I like that. Count me in. And if I ever get to meet even just one of you ladies (or guys... sorry, I don't mean to sound so sexist here haha!) I will consider myself a lucky girl. I've gotten to know a few of you "virtually," through your blogs, forums and (no surprise) facebook and have been astounded at how much we are all alike. There's definitely a camaraderie here. Although, I'm not so sure I'd deadlift your heavy ass out of the gutter after twelve hours of "ultra drinking" (a term coined by the infamous Maple Grove Barefoot Guy) because in all honesty... that would be your own damn fault. But I might hold your hair while you puke. Girls do that.
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