The Naked Truth- WARNING: Content Contains Nudity

All girl rowing team pose topless for athletic calendar.

This particular post may not be suitable for everyone. If you're offended easily by the beauty of the nude human form you should have already hit the back button. In fact, if you're offended easily you should probably not be reading my blog.
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This Blog Content Contains Nudity: Just so we're clear, not mine...

At the risk of overposting this pic and article about the all female rowing team in the U.K. (and risking being flipped over to the adult content category) I decided it was totally blog-worthy. For those of my followers who are friends with me on Facebook (or Daily Mile), you probably already saw this image and the ensuing discussion and other photos that followed. These are some seriously hot chicks. And the body paint was masterfully done on their topless bodies. Incredible work.

I should mention how I came across this article. I actually found it by looking up the search terms that I found in my blog stats. It seems my blog can be found using some interesting keyword searches most of which are... how to put this lightly... well... porn-related. 

Ok. I'll own up to the keywords "naked", "orgasm" and "milff" which I've had for some time now and have knowingly and intentionally blogged about, but some of these other keywords are a bit questionable at least in terms of the context of my blog. 

I explore these searches from time to time just out of curiosity. Its always entertaining to see who I'm competing with on the google results page. I pity the poor soul who googled "naked orgasm" and then proceeded to click on my link instead of the link just above mine that said "Sexy Girl Has Great Squirting Orgasm" or the one right below my link that said "YouTube: Beach Naked Girls Sex Orgasms" Really? Like my blog can compete with squirting or beach orgasms! And a video? You'd be hard pressed to find that in my archives. All I can say is, dude (or chick - hey... I'm all about the love no matter who its with) must have been sorely disappointed to find some boring mom who blogs and runs barefoot. Hmmm. Thinking about this... now that I've blogged about this sexy girl who squirts, I've just added "sexy" and "squirt" keywords to my blog. Nice. *Sigh* Those unfortunate porn junkies.

Ok. Back to the article and images. Apparently, this photo shoot was for a team calendar where the proceeds were given to charity. I love the fact that they chose to pose as athletes in different sports specialties, being athletes themselves. I'm a bit partial to the runner girls, but think they would look better with shoes painted on. *grin.* I was also a little disappointed that they weren't completely nude, but only topless, however I can see how the bikini bottoms assisted in the illusion.

Even with the lingering suggestive nature of these photos (come on... its a calendar) these are powerful images. The detail of the body artwork is stunning. But, the thing I love most about these images is that some of the women looked like they were obviously having a great time. You could tell they weren't taking themselves too seriously. I love that. They looked comfortable in their own skin. In fact, in irony, I think some of the men (who are fully clothed and are famous British athletes themselves) are the ones looking a bit awkward in these photos.

I saw an interesting documentary on photographer, Spencer Tunic. He does live nude installations in public. Usually on a grand scale. With hundreds or even thousands of people. Yeah. The guy's always getting into trouble with the police, apparently. He photographs all body shapes and sizes. He sees beauty in everyone. People who have been photographed by him talk about how liberating it is to be photographed completely naked and how the experience transformed them. I find this fascinating. Spencer's work and the people he photographs.

Our bodies are incredibly wise and beautiful. They do amazing things most of which we are not even consciously aware of. Each person is a masterpiece. Yeah. Took me a long time to get that one. 

In all honesty, I've struggled a bit with body image over the years. I've never been overweight, but I've never been completely comfortable with myself naked either. There's a lot of societal stereotypes that seem to mess with self esteem especially in young women. For me, this couldn't be more true. Lets just say I was never blessed with "the girls". Cleavage was something that was foreign to me, that is, until I became pregnant and nursed two babies. But, as a girl and young woman I was surrounded by images of Victoria Secret and Sports Illustrated models. I constantly reminded myself that many of those women were "digitally enhanced" and not real. But the images creep into the psyche. And to hear guys talk about women in terms of "their rack", was always very disappointing for me. 

Funny, how its taken me many, many years to come to terms with this. To finally be comfortable with who I am in my own skin. Now, I just wonder why it took me this long to finally accept myself.
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  1. HI Zap,
    It took me a while to twig that they were painted. I agree that we are all hung up a bit too much on body image. Isn't it bad enough when you get comments about naked feet! never mind anything else. I think with all the barefoot running that I have been doing I am actually developing much better shaped legs now than I ever had in the past (hope that doesn't sound too narcissistic). When I ran in the 'wrong' way most of the muscles were in the top of the leg, now they are in the lower part of the leg. Hey if I ever wore heels they would be a knock-out ;-)

  2. Neil! I'm sure you would look hot in heels! Hahaha!

  3. Thanks for sharing those fun pictures and nice reflections. You know, the body image thing is strange. I think we are deluged with images of large busts because they fill up a photograph better. But in real life, smaller is more beautiful.

    My own body image has evolved quite a bit over the years. I was always a very skinny guy, and I still am (both skinny and a guy). When I was younger it made me miserable. I wanted to be big and brawny. No amount of weight lifting helped - my muscles just don't get thick. I was ashamed of it. Some fat would have been fine with me, but it wasn't available either.

    Then I got to be in my forties or so, when most guys are getting dumpy, and wouldn't you know, I stayed the way I was! I am 53 now, and solid. I feel great about my body. I love to walk on the beach and have women stare at me. For a long time I thought they were staring because I was so skinny (in a negative way). Then my wife explained that they were staring because I have abs, which you don't see that often on a guy my age.

    I am glad to hear you have learned to like the way you look, too. Let's face it - big boobs just get in the way as you get older.

  4. Jogo - thanks so much for sharing so honestly.

    Yeah...maybe for those of us who have had hang-ups when we were young, those hang-ups are turned into bonus' as we age. I always hated the fact that I looked so young... but now that's working in my favor.


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