Ask me Anything. I Will Answer.

Tag. I'm it. Vanessa over at Vanessa Runs tagged me in a post to participate in a Question and Answer Game. Ok. I'll admit its taken me a bit to warm up to the idea. There's something about allowing complete strangers to ask any question they want of me that strikes me as a little reckless (there's an underlying assumption that the people who follow my blog actually read it and want to know more.) And who knows what people are going to ask. Yeah. That's a bit nerve-racking. But here goes. Any question. You wanna know? I will tell you. Honestly, I'm not sure there's much about me that people want to know or that I haven't already shared.

So, I accept the challenge. Ask me something. Anything. I don't care. Really. You want to know? I will be honest. I will never candy coat, sugar coat or put fake spins on stuff. That's just not who I am. I like honesty and reality even if it crosses the line. Seriously. You wanna ask me about my poop? Do it. OK. Maybe that's crossing the line for most of you, but really, everyone does it so what's the big deal? Wanna know what kind of toothpaste I use? I'll tell you. No question is too stupid, mundane or silly.

So here's the scoop. Just leave your question in the comment section and I will blog my answers in my next post, which will probably be after my next race which is this upcoming Sunday. That is, as long as I'm still alive. They don't call it the Blood, Sweat and Beers for nothing. So f I don't fall down the canyon I will definitely answer all your questions. Oh. And if you feel the need to be "anonymous" with your comment, feel free. I'm cool with that.

And even though Vanessa beat me to the tag...bitch... I'm tagging Christian Peterson (Maple Grove Barefoot Guy) and Kate Kift (Ramblings on Barefoot Running, Motherhood and Life) to participate in this risky game. ;-)
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


  1. Haha... poop. Here are my questions!

    * What is the weirdest google search that someone has done to find your blog?

    * What is your favourite running outfit?

    * What do you wear to bed?

    * What is your worst bad habit?

    * What do you most like about yourself?

    * Were you always this funny?

    * What is your favorite childhood memory?

    * If you had to choose your child's profession, what would you pick for them (not sure how many you have, but all of them if more than one)?

    * You are spending 7 days on a deserted island with Angie Bee and Kate Kift. You may only bring 3 things. What do you bring?

    * Did you always want to be a graphic designer?

    * If you could only be Facebook friends with 3 people, who would they be?

  2. Would you ever do a naked run?

  3. Damn you, Vanessa! You took all my questions!

    What's the most embarrassing thing you have done?

    How did you meet your husband?

  4. Stealing from Inside the Actor's Studio:

    What is your favorite sound?
    What is your favorite curse word?
    What is the average air speed velocity of an unladen sparrow?

  5. Would you go out with me?

  6. Sort of a non question but it does gives an insight into your sense of humor. How many point do you give Dirtbag for questions number 3?

  7. Would be funnier if the question was about a swallow ;)

  8. Hey Krista, I'll ask you the same questions I asked Angie Bee. Ready?

    *When not running, how much of your day-to-day life is spent in bare feet?

    *What's the craziest thing you've done while barefoot?

    *What's your biggest pet peeve?

    *What kind of music inspires you (while running or just in general)?

  9. I was looking at the picture of you standing on top of the big rock. I can't figure out why you feel the need to wear pads to protect your shins when you are capable of toughing it out with your barefeet. Why is this?

  10. Do you use lotion on your feet or do you prefer to let your soles toughen out.

  11. Have you ever lived up to your blog name and ran naked (on sharp pointy stuff)?

  12. Damn it you tagged me... *mutter* I'll consider it.

    *If you were stuck on an island with AngieB and me, how many people would it take to carry us off?

    *and if you could have anyone whisk you OFF a desert island who would it be (and NO you can't nominate your husband - that's cheating).?

    *Have you won any awards ever and what were they?

    *What character from history or fiction would you like to meet?
    *Where is the one place in the world you would like to visit?
    *Most embarrassing drunken experience

  13. Okay I am playing. I am hoping my internet obscurity will cover my tracks. It goes without saying I am not advertising the fact!

  14. I find that your wore the leggings for fashion to be very interesting. When you say you spent almost all the summer with barefeet, does this include doing so in places where the average person generally wouldn't (driving, shopping, etc)?

  15. Also, how would you describe the feeling of your soles when you touch them?

  16. Does your husband enjoy playing with your feet and if so, do you like it?


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