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New Year's Un-goals

Where can I find me a tiny sexy lasso? New year resolutions... fuck that shit. Not that I'm against making goals or resolutin' anything, but sometimes I think there's a step missing in the whole new year resolution process. You know? Like how'd those last year's resolutions work out for ya? Did you lose the weight? Did you eat better? Did you get more organized? Cuz I'm pretty sure there's human nature involved and when that happens it's likely we will forget all about those resolutions by the end of February. Am I right? Statistically, only about 8% of those people who make resolutions keep them. Just walk into your local, big-ass-machine-bloated-everyone-and-their-brother's gym in March or April and you'll see tumbleweeds and hear crickets which will be a long cry from the January and February you-gotta-park-the-car-out-in-china-gym because everybody and their BFF needs to get their sweat on.  So glad I don't have to fight those