How Do YOU Run?

If you're running down the street and I drive by, I will totally check you out. I do this every time I see a runner and am embarrassed to admit that I've nearly driven off the road a few times. I don't know what it is. I have to watch other runners. I'm mostly checking to see if they are: 1. Barefoot and 2. Heel striking. I'm not sure how other runners feel about this, but I hope they're not offended or think I'm judging them. Really, it doesn't matter how you run as long as you're happy and pain free.

I'm seriously missing my running fix. I'm rolling my legs religiously every day and even though the soreness has subsided in my left leg, the knot monster is still there. I swear this thing is a living, breathing entity that will be calling out against priests and holy water soon. Its made a home for itself deep inside my muscle tissue where no rolling pin can touch it. I can't tell if its getting smaller until I get out and run on it. So I'm staying off it for a little while, eating more bananas and trying to stay well hydrated - do beer and cocktails count?
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