Day 4 - Holy Crap! What Have I Done??

"Untitled" 2010 - Krista Cavender
No one told me that once I started running barefoot, potential disdain for shoes could happen. This morning I tried to get out of the house for some running "therapy." I've been really missing my long meditative runs. They are part of my sanity regimen. I strapped on my heavy, ultra-motion controls to my feet and headed out the door. Only about one quarter mile in, my feet felt weak, heavy and hard to pick up. I kept trying to tell myself to just deal and keep going - get into my rhythm and give it a few miles. It could be the cold I'm just getting over. But the lure of barefooting got the best of me. I couldn't stand it. I threw my shoes off and ran shodless. Beautiful! Freeing! Awwwwwyeah. That's what I'm talking about.

Then, the knot monster in my left calf started talking obscenities at me. Then he started screaming at me and moving around, making sharp jabby knife-like motions. Now I had done it. I can't run barefoot. I can't run shodded. I can't run. Crap.

Then it got emotional. I seriously need to run. I want my therapy. I want to work hard, breathe deep and sweat. Is that too much to ask? I felt tears.

Headed home and decided to do some rolling of my calf and try again. I picked a loop around my house that was flat and close. I did one lap around the block and I was done. One quarter mile of shodded running. One mile barefoot total. Not enough to get my running mojo back. Not enough to get my sanity back.

I guess what this all means is that I have to take yet another break. For me I'm not sure I can call this a "break" since running is my break. For now, maybe I'll work some cycling in. Damn.
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  1. ouch! hope your calves recover! this sounds very familiar to me, i swear i went through that too. for me the problem was i was too far up on the forefoot, making my calves work harder. Although Josh Sutcliffe is an expert and can explain better (here: ), let me give you the two tips that worked for me:
    1) land more midfootish, and
    2) bend your knees more (exaggerate at first and you´ll see it forces you to land more midfoot, then unbend until you reach a comfortable point).
    let me know how it goes!


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