I'm Dead.

"Why waste my time here on this planet barely scratching the surface of the human experience?"

So you may already know... I'm dead. Well, not in the literal sense of the word but in an ephemeral internet sense. Personal blogging is dead. At least that's what I heard on YouTube. It's been taken over by self-monetizing, google ads ridden, affiliate, passive income blogging. So if you're reading this (and apparently 1004 humans did last month) then you should definitely know I'm dead. Well, at least my blog is. In a way, I was never really alive since I never gave in to the adsense nonsense anyway.

My days have been consumed by learning lately. I'm not sure where it's coming from but I'm devouring information like a starved animal. I'm submerged in tutorials, books on psychology and design, podcasts, and my own creative work these days. I'm a fucking sponge. Information enters my brain and gets violently regurgitated on paper as abstract inkings of people and weird hieroglyphics that take the form of random objects. My muses possess me. They don't let me sleep at night. My dreams are an amalgamation of scientific chaos and emotion. I must sound like a crazy person. Honestly, these days I think I am. Can dead people be crazy?

The older I get the more done I am with the whole mainstream life thing. This is gonna sound like a rant, but in a world that seems to be becoming more impersonal and numb there are days when I just want to look strangers in the eye and chat about something meaningful that matters. Why waste my time here on this planet barely scratching the surface of the human experience? I want to be able to ask you the hard questions. Maybe because if I did, and you answered honestly, you wouldn't feel so alone on this planet. Tell me. If someone asked you the hard questions, would you be willing to tell a stranger the honest truth?

There are so many burning questions behind the obligatory "How are you?" If someone were to ask you the following questions would you risk being human to answer them?

Questions like…

1) When was the last time you hurt someone and how did it affect you? Or…

2) What is your biggest regret in life? Or…

3) Have you become someone you can look in the mirror every day and be happy in your own skin?

4) Do you ever wake up and say "there has to be more to life than this?"

5) What twisted thing makes you smile?

6) Are you sinking, swimming, or floating through life right now?

7) What secret are you hiding and why?

8) Did you find spirituality or was it taught to you?

9) What is the thing you are the most ashamed of?

10) In your opinion, what secret do we as humanity all share, but no one has the guts to talk about?

11) What is your most destructive habit?

12) When was the last time you felt real rage?

13) How alone are you? (On a scale of 1-10 - 1 being the least and 10 the most)

14) What is one thing that made you happy today?

. . . . . . . . . . . .


  1. Loved reading this. Opens your eyes and pulls you away from the electronic screens that take over our lives. Thank you for this dose of refreshing reality.

    1. Well, hello from the east coast! Okay, another thought-provoking post from you. Been a bit absent from some of my online systems too. I'm going to pick a few of your questions and spew out some stuff... I mean words, thoughts, you know.

      Since I'm willing to admit I'm a bit odd, let me touch on several of the odd questions.

      3. Most of my professional life has been spent stopping people, companies and other entities from polluting the environment. I love the outdoors, running and hiking through the woods and enjoying nature. So I can look in the mirror and be happy in my own skin from that perspective.

      5.What twisted thing makes me smile? Wishing that Trump gets put in his place by someone, anyone.

      7. Now it wouldn't be a secret if I revealed it here so ....sorry to disappoint. :)

      All things in threes...harmony.

      Thanks for post and I hope you're doing well otherwise, Krista!


    2. Awwww KEN!! So good to hear from you! Thanks for participating in my Q&A of sorts. I love all your answers! Of course #7 did disappoint but understandable considering you aren't logged in as anonymous. If you were anonymous then it could quite possibly be considered a secret, right? At any rate, I'm very grateful that you're still reading my blog after all these years!

  2. I have debated on killing my blog as well, cause who reads them any more? well, I guess I do!

    Loved the questions!


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