Another Hoo-Rag Giveaway and Some Flim Flam

Beyoncé would totally rock the Hoo-rag!
{this giveaway closed March 17th, 2013}
Alrighty then... are you ready for another Hoo-rag giveaway? Cuz I need a little favor to ask and I'm hoping ya'll will kindly oblige.

You see... I'm getting ready for the upcoming Born To Run Ultramarathon in May. This year, unlike last year, I intend to experience the flavor of the event a bit more. You know - only run 31 miles instead of 62, hang by the bonfire, listen to some cool music, hoola hoop, maybe do a little salsa dancing and possibly sell some Zaps Threads shirts. Yup. That is, if I get my shit together.

I have a special design that I want to do and sorta "showcase" at the event. It won't be sold or printed through Spreadshirt (although I will add it to the shop after the race.) I will be printing this design - along with maybe three others - through a badass screen printer on some quality ringspun shirts. This is a design that I want to really speak to the ultra runner in all of us no matter how far we run whether its stupid miles or just five or ten. I want the design to be sorta "tattoo" in nature, but on a shirt. I can't go into a whole lotta detail because for one, I have no idea what its going to look like since I design organically. Seriously. It just happens. Usually with a bit of wine or beer or sometimes even whiskey. Its kinda like when Beyoncé gets all possessed by Sasha Fierce and she goes all crazy-sexy-bitch on everyone and you go... who the fuck is that? Yeah. That's kinda what happens with me except without all the goatheads, satanic symbols, boobage and shit. I just sit at my boring computer with the music blaring super loud and design. There's no stage - just an office chair. And I'm usually in my jam jams.

So this design is going to be a bit of a surprise and revealed at the Born To Run Ultra and I'm not sure that anyone who reads this blog will even be there (which is why I will eventually post about it). And I'm not sure that anyone is even going to buy my shirts, but I thought it might be kinda fun to "vend" and really participate in the communal artsy aspects of the race since its a bit like a mini village for that weekend.

So back to the favor from you. Oh... and the giveaway.

What I need from YOU, is your opinion on some Zaps Threads designs. I want to know which designs you would actually wear and buy if you were to happen to see me at the Born To Run Ultramarathon selling shirts.

Cuz, really... I have no clue what ya'll like. I just design shit and sell it. If you like it, you like it - if you don't, then I don't really give a shit. But I will give a shit if I see you in person and you say "hey... Zap, what about designing a shirt like... (insert your totally fucked up crazy idea here)," cuz I'm really a very down-to-earth girl once you get to know me and despite what it seems I do actually care a lot about people. In fact, I LOVE people. Even the crazy ones. In fact, the crazy ones totally make life worth living cuz I make up all sorts of shit about them in my head.

But I'm getting derailed from my original thought here.

So I'm setting up a poll on my Zaps Threads Facebook page and I am asking you to pick your favorite designs. In return for the favor I will enter you into another giveaway to win another Hoo-rag. This time its for the Black and White Hoo-rag and I will pick TWO LUCKY WINNERS.

People. These things are the BEST EVER RUNNING BELT!!!!... and snot wiper, and face warmer, and hair tamer, and whatever the fuck idea you can come up with that incorporates this cool stretchy piece of killer designed fabric. Some of my local running buds are starting to catch on to this great little trend of wearing The Hoo-rag and totally agree with me.
Hoo-Rag Best Ever Running Belt

So below are the designs I will ask you about in the poll. You get to pick your favorite. If you don't have a favorite then pick a fucking design anyway for pete's sake. Just don't leave my Zaps Threads Facebook Page without taking the goddam poll. *smile* I NEED YOU.

So here are the "official" rules and pics of the shirts:
1) Go like Hoo-rag on Facebook (if you haven't already).

2) Go take my poll on Zaps Threads Facebook page.

3) Come back here and leave a comment and tell me what your favorite color t-shirt is.

4) If you win a Hoo-rag, you don't get to enter again to win another. Sorry.

That's it! Then check back here for the winners which I will pick on Saturday March 16th. Good luck!

Here are the designs I need you to vote on over at my Zaps Threads Facebook Page:

Zaps Threads Hill Killer Tee

Zaps Threads Zombie Pacer Tee

Zaps Threads Original Barefoot Runner Tee

Zaps Threads Dirt Diva Tee

Zaps Threads Fiyah! Tee

Zaps Threads Fiyah Flower Tee

Zaps Threads Trail Bruiser Tee

Zaps Threads Run Dirt Tee


  1. I like the red tee's. I live in Australia so have had trouble spending my $'s in the shop. They don't seem to ship here :(

  2. I like the grey Fiyah shirt myself.

  3. I really like the original barefoot shirt. I think it looks really cool in red too! (that's my favorite color too) :)

  4. My favorite tshirt color is green and I have liked hoorag on facebook and taken the pole! (well that sounded dirty)

  5. I really like the white dirt diva and the grey fiyah but the one that really stands out is the Original Barefoot Runner Tee (red). I would buy that one for sure.

  6. I like the zombie pacer in red or white!

  7. Hill killer on Red. I think more red running clothes should be made for women. Just sayin'. :)

  8. I like the Original Barefoot Runner in Red

  9. Gosh, it was hard to pick a favorite shirt. But given your whole approach in the blog (me at the Born to Run event and what would I buy on a whim) I had to go with Dirt Diva (because it fits all distances!). Love the Zombie Pacer and original BTR & hill killer, though I don't. Ha Ha. Colors: pink, red, light green. Okay, too much info!

    Sarah T

  10. Love the hill killer in black or green!!

  11. Zaps Threads Zombie Pacer Tee (White & Black)


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