Hoo-rag Winners and Update

Alrighty then... did you win a black/white Hoo-rag? If you are comments number 3 and 7 the answer is YES! So Jeff and Scott you'll need to contact me soon at zapmamak[at]gmail.com to claim your prize!

Thank you to everyone who participated in my little poll on my Zaps Threads designs. Even a little bit of feedback helps and is very much appreciated. It looks like the Original Barefoot Runner Tee Design won favorite design with the Zombie Pacer Tee coming in second. I'm also currently working on a new design and will have it for sale at the Born To Run Ultra (that's my plan anyway) and will have another Zaps Threads Tshirt giveaway shortly after the race in May which will include that design as well so stay tuned.

So life is busy right now... here's the clif notes version:

Not only am I currently training for my hundred miler, but I'm getting ready to pace/crew a friend for her first hundo in April. My friend Maggie is running the Zion 100 in Utah on April 19. HOLY CRAP that race gonna be beautiful!!! So me and three other girls are currently prepping for an exciting adventure of road tripping, running, hot springs, running, running, crewing, not sleeping, running, and finally celebrating (it's more than just a hundo it's Maggie's birthday).

So this little adventure is very spontaneous - as of 10am this morning Maggie still has yet to register -but there are still spots left and we are starting to threaten her because we all KNOW she can do this and she KNOWS she can do it. Its going to be an epic race for her - its her birthday for pete's sake - and what an epic way to celebrate! I don't think she'll regret it for one second.

In the meantime, in addition to working on my new design for BTR, I'll be working on our running shirts/crew shirts for Maggie's race - DirtyGirlZ100 which will be a ton of fun to design. I'm also preparing to run an all nighter training run along a portion of the Western States route this coming Friday night with Maggie and some other Folsom Trail Runners who are getting ready to run the Western States 100 in June. The plan is to simulate sleep deprivation and running, watch the sunrise and do pancakes after. These runs (which are few and far between for me) will give me some more experience with stupid miles at night and allow me the opportunity to try out some of my new shoes like my Merrell Mix Masters (which Merrell was awesome enough to send to me to try out!! Yippee!) - AND which I like much better than the Saucony Peregrine 2s so far. I've only ran a few miles at a time in the Merrell's so Friday's run will give me an even better idea of how my feet will fair. It will be my first LONG run in a padded shoe with a 4mm drop. All my 50ks and beyond have been done in my Merrell Pace Gloves which are zero drop and almost no padding. I'm curious to see how I feel afterward. I almost can't wait. Let the experiment begin!
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  1. Hi Krista! I'm a little late to the party, but just wanted to say how much I love your blog. Sounds like your training is going well and I'm super jealous of your WS training run. It's an awesome course, and I know you will have a blast. I added your link to my blog. Thanks for having my link on yours - just sorry I didn't know of it earlier. It would have been fun to chat at Born to Run 100k! :)


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