Merrell Pace Glove Quick Video Review

Bought some new shoes and am taking them for a test drive. Things have been crazy busy with me lately, so here's a short video update.
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  1. Hi Zap,
    Don't stress too much about your running, I say this after stressing myself for a year. It will just come to you. Every now and again I do have to remind myself to concentrate on pulling my foot from the floor as quickly as possible. I really think that, along with the soft bent leg is really the key. Give your arms and hands a good shake to get the tension out and you are there.
    BY the way, thinking about it now I think I prefer your shirt design to the 'official' one which just doesn't seem to stand out as much.

  2. I love that you did a video update. What a great idea!

    I ran trails yesterday and I own a pair of Merrell Pace Gloves. I got mine for winter running as I live in Ontario and we get LOTS of snow here. I needed something with a tread. I've used mine a few times for trails and generally like they. The name suits because they fit like a glove.

    Like you, I find my form always suffers when I put on shoes. I ache during the run if I'm not barefoot and I'm convinced I do more damage to my body. Sometime, however, the surfaces are just too rough for bare feet. At least for where I'm at with running barefoot.

    I try not to worry too much about wearing shoes. I'm committed to going bare whenever possible. If not possible, I go with as little as I can. I love your shirt. Gotta get me one!

  3. No matter what shoes I put on, my running form suffers. Still, I love the Gloves and I use them for my backpacking trips.
    Loved your video review.

  4. I'm glad you did a review. I've been thinking these will be my next shoe in pursuit of barefoot running! ;) I need something for some trails as well and thought the Bikilas would do it, but I just don't like them. They don't work on me. I worry about form too especially downhills. Do you have any tips for me?

  5. Jen - I plan on writing more about my experiences in the Merrell Gloves as soon as I get a chance. I approach downhill running much differently than I did when I was young. I use to just barrel down hills as fast as I could with wide strides. I don't feel comfortable doing that now. I think its best to increase your turnover downhill, though, and take really small, but fast steps. The downhill races I did last year were so covered in scree that even an approach like that would just land you on your face so walking was the safest and least painful approach. There are probably other more experienced runners who might be able to comment on their thoughts on running downhill.


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