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Hide your rocks, Utah. The DirtyGirlz ultra bitches are back! 
I guess I learned nothing when, at 16, my mom lectured me on never giving into peer pressure. Which is funny, cuz I've never been a peer pressure kinda person. In fact, if people are doing one thing I will almost always run in the opposite direction. Literally. Ok. So maybe its because I haven't a clue where the hell I'm going until someone screams "Krista!!! You're going the wrong way!" But, when someone tags me on facebook and tells me there's a party in Utah with the DirtyGirlz which might involve a little bit of running I don't ask for details. Oh hell no. I start packing.

This just happened. Have a peek at the  conversation that occurred on February 7th on one of the DirtyGirlz facebook status updates.

Charito Bartlett
February 7 via ultrasignup
  • I blame my friends. It's gonna be an awesome hike!

    July 19, 2014 - Snowbird Resort, UT
    Charito Bartlett is now registered for the 2014 Speedgoat 50km! If you want to join, signup now at UltraSignup.

    Ben Johnson Ahhh, this is going to be epic!

Charito Bartlett Yeah! Ok let's get the girls on board! Roll call! 
Krista Cavender! Kristina Sessler! Jennifer Cook Hamburg! DGz unite!

Charito Bartlett Of course Kelly Maggie Akyüz who's already signed up.

Kelly Maggie Akyüz Get training, Bumblebee;)

Paulo Medina Are you for realz!!!! party in utah!!

Charito Bartlett Kelly Maggie I'm assuming Kristina and I will actually need to run. No spirit walk/running:) 

Kelly Maggie Akyüz Haha...I'm betting it's going to be wicked spiritual, Charito

Kristina Sessler SPIRIT WALK

Charito Bartlett Hahaha! Awesome! Yeah Kristina!!!

Jennifer Cook Hamburg I blame it all on you Maggie and mostly Charito...... 

Charito Bartlett Yeah!!!! Krista Cavender!!!!! Where the hell are you??? You in?

So I did it. I signed up for the Speedgoat 50k on July 19th 2014.

It looks like all the Zion 100 DirtyGirlz crew will be heading to Utah again to participate in what is described as the "Toughest 50k in the US."

Yup. I just said that.

Here's the description from Ultra Signup...
This race consists of 11,420' of total climbing.  The race is all above 7600', with the majority above 9200'.  This is the most technical race east and west of Snowbird Ski Resort.  Rocky, Rooty, snowy, very steep hills, even steeper descent, all over nasty, wet rocky terrain.  If you like a fast 50k, this race is NOT for you.  Needless to say, there is nothing easy about it.  Please train adequately for this event. We do not do refunds, so stay healthy and prepare for a fine run through the wildflowers, and one nasty creekbed or two.


But, I'm confident I can complete this badass muther within the time cutoffs. Yes. There are time cutoffs. For a 50k.

I honestly did not think I could top the challenge that was Pine To Palm 100, but here's a race that consists of unadulterated STEEP and CRAZY ELEVATION. Its no 100 miler but, holy crap, after the first five miles I'm gonna be pining for the finish line like it was 100 stupid miles.

A "SPIRIT WALK" in the words of Kristina.

"Wicked Spiritual" as Maggie says.

Wicked is right. And as I've learned, any trip with the DirtyGirlz is always wicked fun.

But if you haven't noticed, there are others signed up. Yup. Running the Speedgoat 50k was not the original brainchild of the DirtyGirlz. Well OK, maybe it was originally Maggie's idea, but really, this genius idea was the original gimcrackery of Bill Clements - another Folsom Trail Runner I never run with. Apparently, the Speedgoat 50k was on Bill's 2014 bucket list - a list that has now been inadvertently intercepted by five singing, dancing, mid-air jumping, rock licking, picture taking, desert running, star gazing, log hugging, river wading, whiskey/wine/beer/mead drinking, menstrual cramping cray-crays.

Oh jeez.

But now that I think about it, this bucket list hijacking of ours is brilliant!! Why waste valuable time creating a personal bucket list when you can hack into someone else's? Right?

But, really... I had no clue how this all started or what the hell I was signing up for. Like I said, any trip with the DirtyGirlz is good times and with good times you don't ask questions. If you do ask questions expect them to be answered like this:

Charito Bartlett Krista Cavender yeah!!! Waiting list sister. Hurry up.

So Bill and Maggie signed up for Speedgoat first and then in an avalanche of stupid running peer pressure Ben signs up (he says Billy "talked him into it"), then Paulo (who probably blames Ben) and then finally, all four DirtyGirlz. If you wanna know who I blame, I blame Charito. There's evidence in the conversation above. 

But truth be told, I was actually super stoked to get the email that informed me I was officially "in" the race and that I just needed to confirm. I'm really excited to put my training to good use, attempt a serious elevation ultra, and see if I can dial my mobility in more. The steep stuff is where I start to break down. The Pine to Palm 100 miler proved to be a challenge in that way, but I'm determined to do Speedgoat with better form on the downhills and hopefully stronger hams and glutes for the climbs. As for the elevation, I have no clue how its gonna affect me. Its all a crap shoot, but I guess I'm the gambling type so...


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


  1. Well, I should have read your blog before I emailed you today! Awesome!! And holy wow. I have no doubt you'll kick this "goat's" ass. Looking forward to hearing more about the training and the road to Speedgoat!


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