Shameless Promotion: A Slightly Drunk Video

Ok. I will admit to doing a little bit of shameless promotion. Not that I plan on whoring myself out for free shit (lie: Yes I am) or anything like that in the near future... buuuuut, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. (And I do realize that the thumbnail looks like I'm flipping everybody off. My apologies. I really do like you guys - insert innocent smile here - )

Here's some quick-ish updates:
I think I've stumbled upon a way of getting at least $125 towards my 100 miler race paid. Yup. It involves a product review and my cooter. No. Its not sex toys although, that was one of the options I had available and actually considered. This review, which I'm not totally sure if I will be doing yet since I haven't seen anything in the mail, is something that most women who are ultra runners might want to seriously consider using. That's all I'm going to say on that topic for now. You'll have to wait for the review.

We have finally completed the development of my coach's website. In fact we took it live Wednesday night. Uggggh. The stress. (insert me slapping my forehead here - or just replay the video above) There are no more dress reshearsals, people. KMCREATIVE has officially launched The Ranch Athletics website. The site already has some valuable articles and information on it pertaining to fitness, mobility, strength and athletics. There's a few videos I got to cameo in as well. I promise, there was no "self-stimulating" mobility filmed. Its all PG-Rated. I know. Its all questionable with me present. The site also includes Seth's and Rick's blogs that they have already been updating with some fun posts. You can get a feel for their training and fitness philosophies as well as get some killer tips and info before their gym actually opens its doors. Their elite training compound facilities are due to open sometime in early 2013. I think I've mentioned how huge this is going to be. These guys know their shit and they are committed to helping athletes and other dedicated individuals join their cult succeed. I have a feeling they will be around for a long time.

I've been up to my eyeballs in website development but have had a few haphazard inspirations with my Roller Derby inspired running shirts. I have one design for both men and women completed and am going to try and complete two more and then... I WILL BE HOLDING ANOTHER GIVEAWAY! So keep your eyes peeled here. It will happen soon. I promise. These are going to be some killer designs. Patience is a fucking virtue my friends.
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