Hoorag Giveaway!!

Julia Mancuso - Women's Alpine Skiing, USA
See what I mean???
Ok. So I may have been a little distracted with all the rumors of all the fucking that's been going on at the Olympics, but I'm good now. I am focused and can concentrate on the things that matter – like a few giveaways I've intended to do for a while, but life, work, and the Olympics with all those hot, athletic bodies just got in the way. Its a good thing this is the Winter Olympics and all that sexy muscle mass is covered up by super skin tight bodysuits...

<Sigh> ... who am I kidding? </Sigh>

FOCUS, Krista!

I have a few items to giveaway if I haven't succeeded in distracting you off subject. I have two black and white Ranch Athletics Hoorags to giveaway and a Zaps Threads Tee that is up for grabs.

This first giveaway will be for two Hoorags...

My new favorite Hoo
I designed these Hoorags for my gym, The Ranch Athletics. I helped them establish their brand/logo and website and they are ROCKING! If you are a runner or any kind of athlete I encourage you to check out www.TheRanchAthletics.com not only because the website itself was designed/developed by yours truly, but also because they offer some great short video tips-of-the-week and lots of great articles and resources about training for strength and endurance. Plus I just guest-posted a paleo biscuit recipe that's super yum – you might want to check it out.

If you haven't read my whole schpeel on the Hoorag and why this thing is so awesome you will have to take a peek at my last Hoorag Giveaway post in which I demonstrate how you can wear a Hoorag as an inappropriate hoochie dress. Yes. I did that. But, not in public. Come on... I have SOME class. You're probably surprised.

But in all seriousness, the Hoorag is one of the BEST running belts I have ever worn and I use it a lot in winter to keep my ears warm or around my neck while I'm skiing. This little piece of tubular fabric is super useful and if you enter my giveaway below it could be FREE which is WAY more sexy than wearing it as a hoochie dress.

So if you want in on the action I encourage you to follow my rules (yes... I have rules) and enter below:

Here are the "official" rules:
1) Go like Hoo-rag on Facebook (if you haven't already).

2) Go like The Ranch Athletics on Facebook
(if you haven't already).
3) Come back here and leave a comment and tell me what Winter Olympic sport you like best. (Or who's your favorite Olympic hottie)

4) Please don't double post. Lets keep it fair, folks.

That's it! Then check back here for the winners which I will pick in about a week or so. Good luck!
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 


  1. I like you both on Facebook, and my favorite Winter Olympic sport is probably either figure skating, or that new cool ski event (kinda looks like parkour?)

  2. I haven't been watching so I don't know who the hotties are, so I'll just say that my wife is my favorite hottie. My favorite event is drinking peppermint schnapps in hot chocolate while splitting firewood. USA!

  3. Olympic coverage is lacking here in New Zealand since we don't subscribe to cable. Here if you go to a pub to watch sports, its either cricket or rugby. As for my current hottie, it is Jossi Wells, a New Zealand slope style skier. He often blows up, but definitely lays it all on the line when he competes. With that being said (and having the opportunity to work New Zealand's Winter Games slope style event) skier slope style has edged out downhill as my favorite. These athletes make it look so effortless, I'd almost be willing to try and huck my 46 yo body off the top of a hill, do a few flips and land on my skis. :)

  4. Totally - gonna have to say snowboarding is my fave.

  5. Gotta love the curling at 12:30 am...super intense! :-)

  6. Liked and Liked! Downhill skiing is my favorite, but I am a big fan of any excellence in sports. Julia Mancuso gets the hotness award from me!

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE all the rockin women of slope style snow boardin!! Figure skating is my fave-but the snow boarding women are my new heros!!!!

  8. Julia Mancuso!! super hot and an awesome skier!! plus she's a local girl

  9. Cross Country Skiing or Speed Skating... what it is to be torn!

  10. Biathlon. Your site creation looks great!

  11. Liked and Liked... Fav winter sport is the Nordic Combined.... Did you pick a winner yet?

    1. Hi Rob - This giveaway already ended and a winner was picked, but I will be holding another Hoorag giveaway in the next couple months so keep your eyes peeled! Thanks for visiting!


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