24 Hour Countdown T & A

WARNING: This post may not be suitable for all audiences. If you've ever read my blog, you won't be surprised by this, but I have to launch advisories every time I overshare. So... yeah... this post has a tiny bit of oversharing in it. Mostly in the form of pictures displaying partial nudity but all in the spirit of spontaneity and fun. That means this is not porn or smut. Sorry to disappoint but there are no triple X's here. Not even double X or single X. Ok maybe a tiny bit of single X if you stretch your imagination enough, but that being said if you think the randomness below is juvenile, stupid, questionable, crass, delinquent, the by-product of demon worship, inappropriate, or deviant behavior then you should have stopped reading four sentences ago.

But if you got this far chances are you're still here.

In that case...let me tell you about some fun I had a few weekends back.

The hubs and I got to spend a little time sans the kids. We dropped the kids off at the grandparents, visited for a bit, then got the hell outa dodge. As soon as we got in the car our time was ticking away. T-minus 24 hours and counting. GO!!

We had plans. LOTS of plans on how to spend the next 24 hours.

Holy crap was it a beautiful day!


We had planned to do a small hike up Donner Peak. We packed our snacks, water, and snowshoes and began our trek.

Hiking up Donner Peak

Just me and the hubs

We climbed the switchbacks at the beginning of the hike in our boots but later put on snowshoes to climb the steeper parts.

Just a little steeper.

We took a few pictures along the way because how can you not when your surroundings are as incredible as this?

Wait! Was that a bare ass I saw? Maybe I should take a closer look...

Yup. It blended into the surroundings so well I almost missed it!

And that finger in the shot above it just makes for the perfect composition. Damn I'm a good photographer.

Then we came upon the trail marker that marks the part of the Emigrant Trail the Donner party used during their trek through the badass wintery Sierra Mountains in 1846.

Damn finger

My ancestors were here.
Pat's good at inspiring the crazy in me. We were feeling a little rowdy on the trail.
There's a devil on my shoulder.

Eventually, we had to take the snowshoes off again to do a little rock scrambling to the top. But the excitement of getting to the top got to me and I couldn't control the urge to take more than just my snowshoes off.

Pointing to my lumpy boob pocket

Oh yeah...wait for it...

My tiny tangy temptations

I think its just awesome sexy how Saucy McRibs and long underwear go so well together. Don't you think?

We had some serious fun on that hike. We even raced in the snowshoes.

Then it was off to meet up with my friend Pablo (the ax murder from this post), drink a beer, have a sausage (I've never tasted pheasant before), see his new baby, go to a party...

The shotski
Licking Fireball icicles

... spend the night on the lake and wake up to this gorgeous scene...

Grab some coffee...
Pre coffee Pat
Post coffee Pat
...get some breakfast, pick up the kids and head home.

Whew! All done in less than 24 hours. BOOM!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


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