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The random return mail - my journal
I hate getting those stupid chain emails in my inbox. You know. The ones that threaten you and your dog with fifty years of bad luck if you don't forward it to thirty of your closest friends? I have a wicked quick delete finger when it comes to stuff like that. And now that I'm blogging and reading other people's blogs, I'm slowly discovering that blogs are not immune to the likes of the chain letter. 

I was recently "tagged" on a fellow blogger's blog to reveal seven random things about myself. I'm thinking... "Shit. I think I've revealed more than the average person in some recent posts" and we're not talking my favorite vacation or the kind of car I drive. No. Of course not. That's what I get for drinking and blogging. Hey. At least I'm honest.

Well, my blog isn't really about random stuff unless its random stuff that I step on while I'm running barefoot. So I considered what's stopping me from being the bearer of a boring blog post and then I decided...what the heck. I've got nothing else to talk about. I haven't been running lately and I'm too embarrassed to share with you my total inadequacies that are part of my daily mobility WODs. Trust me. Its not pretty.  So...judge me as you will. I've had a couple beers.

So here's seven random things in random order.
  1. I don't subscribe to cable. Instead we use Netflix as our dedicated broadcast station. I'm a documentary freak. I would prefer to watch a documentary on the Iraq War or the Amish over any crap television show any day. I admit, though, to having become most recently addicted to the cable series Spartacus. Well, in true honesty, I can't really say I've paid much attention to what the show is about. I haven't really followed the story line at all, but I do know the men are hot and naked. And top that off with the fact that they are barefoot or at the very least wearing huaraches and I'm all over that.
  2. I'm an agnostic theist. I'm a very spiritual person and I even pray, but my beliefs don't fit any organized religion that I know of. It took me 30 years to realize that the only reason that I believed in "God" (or at least in the traditional sense) was because that's what my parents and friends believed in. Basically, almost everyone I knew believed in a Christian God. I realized that I was not my parents or my friends and my heart said something different. I'm not sure there's a religion out there that matches my beliefs, but I'm perfectly OK with that. I would prefer to be a free thinker rather than a follower of something I don't believe in with my heart and soul.
  3. I'm a skeptic. Ok. This just goes along with my last revelation. I rarely believe what other people tell me unless I have some sort of empirical experience to build an argument on. I'm a big researcher and will often test out theories personally before buying into them 100%. Barefoot running is just one prime example. The coregasm theory? Well, I'm just getting started on that one. [grinning]
  4. I don't enjoy shopping. I'm just not big on the girly-girl romantic ideal. I'm a pragmatist. I can't stand mushy quotes and love letters and there is very little pink in my wardrobe. I'm not a huge fan of perfume or jewelry either. I love to laugh, though. And I'm perfectly comfortable with "potty" humor.
  5. I own a neti pot and I use it. I would consider this fact pretty random and probably a little gross. Come on. What did you expect? I have often used a neti pot to irrigate my sinuses during times of extreme hay fever (usually April through June), however, strangely enough, I didn't really have allergies last year. Yet another random fact about me I'm sure you are glad you now know. [read sarcasm here.]
  6. I was scared to death to have kids. Things that I haven't a clue about scare the shit out of me. Hence my incessant desire to research and know everything. If I'm armed with facts then maybe I have a fighting chance. I'm still scared to death that I will screw my kids up, but I've learned to simmer down with the whole parenting thing and take it one day at a time.
  7. A journal that I had lost for 10 years suddenly showed up in the mail one day. I know. Weird. Isn't it? And a little bit creepy and nice all at the same time. This was a journal that I kept while I was in college and living in England. It had poetry, drawings, art notes, and dreams I had written in it. It contained some of my most inspired ideas and writings written about some amazing (and very personal) experiences I had. The funny part is, that I didn't know I had even lost it until one day it showed up in the mail. There was no return address so I couldn't thank or be creeped out about who had found it and sent it back to me. I figured I must have moved about three times since I had last seen it so the person who found it had to do some research to track me down. It still gives me chills to think about it.
That's it. Seven insignificant, random facts about a complete stranger you don't even know. By the way, I'm not tagging anyone in this post, but if you feel the need to share then go right ahead. I'll probably even read it since I enjoy reading random stuff about people I hardly know. 
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 


  1. Amen on number 2. I'd probably more on the atheist swing of things, but there is one notable exception: there's no way in hell that the laws that define our universe are just "there". As someone with an extreme interest in math and science and does a lot of reading up on theoretical physics, its very clear to me that there is SOMETHING out there that is beyond the realm of our imagination. But I don't think its some white old dude chilling in the clouds. Or that they/it/the thing needs to be even acknowledged in a spiritual sense.

    I'm rambling. It's 1 in the morning and I have finals tomorrow. Good night!

  2. 1-4 is me. I am tempted to try #5.

  3. Are you SURE you don't have any single sisters?? A like-minded, totally hot cousin maybe LOL ;-)

  4. Bill - so sorry. No hot cousins. :-)

  5. I'm a mirror image on # 1-5.......
    I don't really desire kids.

  6. It was fun reading more about you. I don't like shopping either. Even grocery shopping is a chore. #7 is cool and freaky at the same time. I bet it was fun to look through.

  7. Oh, and I didn't mean to "chain mail' you. I hate those things too. I was just trying to send a few readers your way since I really enjoy reading your blog. Sorry if it annoyed you.

  8. Jen - No worries, girl. Well, you've been reading my blog long enough to know I say what I think. Its nothing personal, though. I've just never heard of the whole "tagging" thing on blogs. I appreciate that you wanted to send traffic my way. That's kind of cool. Thanks!

  9. I like reading stuff about random people too, which is how I came across your blog. I hate shopping too! What a pain in the butt. If I need clothes that actually require a shopping trip and trying things on, I groan and put it off for as long as possible.


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