DAY 29 - Happy run!

Foggy morning run
I've been jonesin' for a barefoot run like a crack addict pines for his next fix. I've been a good girl, though. I took a good three weeks off to let my knee and heel sort themselves out. This morning I did a mobility WOD, a few yoga stretches, and rolled the shit out of myself before heading out to do a scaled back, easy run of about 3 miles. The wet fog and cold did little to stop me. It felt like heaven. My feet were happy.

So my goal this morning was not only to get my barefoot running fix, but to try to pay close attention to what I'm doing that might make me have these recurring issues. I'll be meeting with Seth soon (dude is going to whip my sorry ass into shape) and I thought it might be helpful information to have on hand for him. He mentioned that I might be landing too far out in front which could cause some of my knee issues. I think he's right. I tend to open up my stride as I get further into my run and I think its worse in my VFFs. I did have a slight twinge of knee angst towards the end of my run so I stopped right away. It was just a twinge. No pain. Nothing else. Just a "Hey, Bitch! Simmer down before I make you pay!" sort of thing. I'm a servant to my own body right now. I do as it says.
My pink feet today

I'm hoping to get another short run in come this Saturday morning. It will more than likely be barefoot. I'm afraid to run in my VFFs even though I wanted to try them out again. I've made a few more "modifications" to them by cutting the useless strap off. It didn't even fit over my foot anyway and I could barely get it to attach to the velcro. I thought the strap might be putting pressure on my heels and causing the pain in my achilles so it got the chop-chop. Also, I've noticed that part of the sole is starting to unglue around the outside toe area. Weird. I seriously punished them though. And now they're practically fired unless Seth can help me get back into them so I can use them as back-up plan B on cold or wet days. Some of those minimal trail running shoes like the Merrell Pace Glove that Angie Bee reviewed on her blog are starting to look really attractive though. After running barefoot for almost five months now, running has become a fun, sensual, and necessary experience for me. I hate to say it, but I've become a little shoe shy. And I'm not sure I want to snap out of it.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


  1. I am very curious about Merrells new shoes for our long summer trek. There is no way I can do it barefoot (way too long, too rocky and with a heavy pack too) and I have some concerns about my VFFs.

  2. I think I mentioned this once before, but I overstride a bit in VFFs as well. That's what caused my IT band syndrome last year. Now that I'm cooped up in VFFs for winter, I can feel my IT band on a run occasionally.

    Good work on the run. Glad you have some insight into your knee pain. I agree with your assessment...stride length is important.

  3. Keep that cadence real high, and feet landing under body....
    Most importantly enjoy the journey itself, and allow the destination to help motivate you.


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