My Seasonal Urge

Beer break on the mountain
I did something yesterday that would probably make the barefoot lifestyle purists cringe and tisk. I stuffed my feet into a couple of inflexible, thick-soled foot coffins then clipped and bound those into the bindings attached to my other passion - a couple of all-mountain Rossignal skis. Then I spent a day on the mountain with my oldest son supporting his beginning forays into some seriously sick shredding experiences.

I got back into my skiing several years ago. Almost exactly when I reignited my passion for running. At that time I was no stranger to pain especially after running more than two miles or spending an entire day on the slopes. My neuroma would inevitably flare up and my feet would ache horribly. Sometimes it felt like tiny knives slicing my toes. My feet would always be in excruciating pain. That's just my feet. I won't go into my knee issues.

I'm still assessing how things are progressing so far with my barefoot running and the jury is still out on how it will benefit me in the future. As you can tell, I'm not exactly the poster girl for pain free running just yet, but I can tell you this. I know my feet are much stronger than they were four or five months ago. Even in ski bondage. Not only were my feet not as trashed after wearing my boots all day, but I would risk it to say that my skiing form is better in them. Which is a good thing seeing as we are getting a freakish amount of snow dumped on the Sierra Nevada this season and I'm getting an almost obscene desire to submerge myself in some fresh pow pow.
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  1. I often wonder if we are going to have barefoot skiing movement. :)
    I learned to ski very late in life and now I can't understand what took me so long. We are hitting the mountains in 10 days or so, I wonder if my barefoot adventures will help my skiing too.

  2. Ewa - you might be surprised. I know I was. The real test for me will be on Superbowl Sunday. That's when we are planning a mom's day on the mountain and I will be pushing it a lot harder and doing some more challenging stuff.

  3. I live in Utah and have never skied. It's practically a sin. Good for you! And you look so cute even after skiing!

  4. Oh Jen!! Say it isn't so! Utah? Girl, you are in ski heaven!!! You have got to get your ass out there and try it just once. Its so much fun! We've got some great skiing here in California and Nevada. I'm really lucky to be so close.


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