A Serious WTF???

A sad swollen heel. WTF???
Lately, I've been blogging like I'm a crackhead. Well, today is no exception. Remember that slight tightness in my heel I had on my last short run? Yeah. The two mile EASY run? The one without the knee pain? Well somehow I ended up with a swollen heel from that. It was a good thing that run was just a short one. 

I noticed this last night as I was getting into bed. All day I had noticed a slight soreness on the back of my heel. It felt almost like a bruise on the bone. You know. Like when you're carrying your kids scooter and it swings around and thwacks you on the back of your heel. Yeah. I do that a lot. I love my kids, but I hate carrying their stuff. I noticed I was limping slightly when we went out to dinner. I was starting to get a little suspicious.

But, alas, this "bruise" had degenerated into something else by the time I got in bed last night. 

What is it lately with me and injuries?

This doesn't bode well for my barefoot running experiment especially since this particular injury is something that I've never had before. And trust me. I've had the gamut of issues. I'm not sure if this was something that happened during my short run or maybe a couple days before when I was skiing. It totally sucks.

After checking online its possible that this could be something akin to Achilles Tendinitis. I have noticed this tightness before, but it has never amounted to anything until now. 

So it looks like my New Year will incorporate some recovery in the beginning. Maybe I just take a full month off and start all over again slowly. On the bright side, that would give me plenty of time to design t-shirts and blog, right? But if I'm not running, what do I blog about? And can I really stay away from running for that long?
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


  1. If this is Achilles tendon then please take it easy. I've been battling this monster for months now. It is much better now but it cost me a lot of missed miles, number of dr visits and physical therapy. I still have a lump on it (scar tissue) that bothers me a bit.

  2. Well now that just sucks. I wish I had some good advice for you, but you already know that rest is probably what you need. Let the muses take over! So sorry, though.


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