Ass Burn & Kegels

Running minimal and barefoot
Ever get the feeling your legs are on autopilot? Yeah. I got that feeling on my last run. And my bladder too. If you're a mom and you've given birth, you'll understand what I'm talking about. Guess its time to up the kegel workout. Maybe I'll add it to my workover circuits. That may be TMI to most of you, but, hey, I'm just being honest here. And while I'm being honest I might as well share with you that it is completely possible to get "rug burn" on your ass if you do 160 sit-ups. Yup. Ass burn. Its not pretty. Its pretty uncomfortable. I'm currently recovering from that one. Ow.

So my last run was 8.3 miles. Six of those miles were in my Pace Gloves and the rest was off and on barefoot. This run confirmed something that I was pretty sure was happening all along. I supinate more (roll to the outside of my feet) when I run barefoot. I also lift my toes up to arch my foot more. In shoes, no matter what kind (even my Vibrams), I roll inwards (pronate) and don't lift my toes. If I have any muscle issues going on, the way I land while running will greatly affect how much pain or discomfort I have during that run. At least this seems to be the case after paying close attention on my last run.

While I'm still working on my flexibility and mobility, I recently discovered a pretty nasty knot monster in my left quad close to my hip. I've been trying to work it out. Its taking a while to roll this one out. Trigger pointing it hurts like a mofo, but you gotta do what you gotta do. And so, I've been entering my pain cave on a daily basis. The pain on my last run was pretty minimal compared to what it could have been if I hadn't been trying to tame this beast.

I'm looking forward to some chill time in Lake Tahoe soon. Its been a late winter there. So late that about four local ski resorts are opening for fourth of July. Crazy!! I'm planning on getting some kayak time out on the lake, but I might just have to warm up my belly with a couple of rum runners first. Ha!

Deep snow in California.  photo:  Andrew Gauthier


  1. Shoes also just make you land plain harder. That can do a number on the knees.

    Glaf someone else has had ass burn. I've also had face burn from too many burpees.

  2. I hear you on the bathroom issue. If I don't go just before I go for a run, my bladder looks after things itself. It's just not fair!

  3. Janice - yeah. Not a fan of the stretch out from the inside out body modification that takes place after childbirth. I'm working on putting this mama back together.

  4. Not TMI to me. I'm one of the few guys, actually the ONLY guy I know who does kegel exercises. Guys don't talk about that stuff. Have for years, and yes I can stop midstream if I have to. How's that for TMI. Don't get to brag about that normally, lol. Now ass burn? Almost, but thankfully no. Thanks for the reminder though. I hate sit ups with a passion.. so this is just one more reason to. :-) I used to work labor and delivery. My hat's off to you ladies for all you go through having kids. Remarkable. :-)

  5. Hi there,
    Have you checked what your footprints look like on sand?
    That is a great way to see if you are running correctly. Just find a nice stretch of undisturbed sand and run without concentrating on how you want the footprints to look but more how you believe you should be running.
    Your feet should be almost in line, not widely spaced apart and they should point forward, not to the outside.
    Mine did a bit of supination and I found I was pushing off, that was the cause. Now I have the fall forward and pull off perfected the footprints are straight. They only revert if I try sprinting, when, once again, I push off instead of pull.
    Hope that helps.


  6. @Neil - I have not seen what my footprints look like in sand but that sounds like a great idea. I'm afraid there are only a few small spots where I could run on a consistent stretch of sand out by the lake by me. If I ever get the chance I will definitely pay attention! Thanks for the advice.


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