Pill of Faith and Interview for Run Barefoot Girl

Post workover portrait (it shows)
I recently had the amazing opportunity to talk with Caity McCardell for the RunBarefootGirl.com podcast interview series. Too lazy to read my blog? Listen to the interview.
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Thanks to Global Weirding I had the best barefoot run in the rain today. Not very far. Just to the gym and back. It was a very wet run and it was absolutely fabulous! Even the boring asphalt felt amazing. And the puddles!! They felt so good. The ground was warm, but the water on top was tepid. All the sharp and jabbies were washed away. Really. It felt a lot smoother to run on. The temperature was perfect. This storm we are having right now is pretty tropical in nature so the air was too warm for a rain jacket, but I wore one anyway. For two reasons. One, because it had perfect pockets on the inside to fit my shoes (which are required at the gym) and two, well... I didn't want to walk into the gym looking like I just participated in a wet tshirt contest. Ha!

Best shoe pocket ever!
I almost didn't make it to the gym because I wanted to keep running. I seem to be having these kind of runs lately where I feel like I want to run forever. Kind of like a good yawn. And then its starts to be contagious and you gotta yawn again. I've been feeling that lately. And I know I shouldn't. Its actually not part of my program. I was reminded of that today when I took a look at my workovers for the week. Seth left me a message letting me know that these LSD runs I'm doing lately (gotta love the acronym) are not exactly part of my "prescribed" plan and basically I need to back off. Now, its not like I'm going out and running 12-15 miles in one go. But even my longest run lately which was around 8 miles was a total isolated and unplanned event. I just needed to run. So I did. But as Seth explains it (and this is key for a lifetime-injury-prone-runner like myself) I need to subscribe to my training program just like I would if I were taking some serious meds. If I take too much I may overdose and kill myself and too little won't help. Damn. I like my running pill, but I hate being injured. I promised him I would be good.

Puddle running
Speaking of pills...this training program is a serious pill of faith I'm taking right now. I have the utmost respect for Seth and his professional coaching skills. I have total trust in him and know that he will get me where I need to be come August or October. I also know that, like in barefoot running, "mainstream" is not always what's best. A typical marathon training program would have me running farther, longer and piling on the miles which may work for some people, but I'm reluctant to say it would work for me given my history of injury. I have never trained this way to run period, let alone train at all to run a marathon so I don't know any better. Seth's program makes a lot of sense, though. Concentrating on building strength and mobility should have been my top priority to begin with. My problem is with my head. I have a problem with not knowing if I will be able to run 28 miles (yeah... apparently the marathon I will be running is just a tad longer than a normal marathon) The only way to really know is to run. Right? Or at least get close to the mileage I will be running. Not necessarily. Well, I'm not sure how far I will be running for my training (Seth has me programmed for timed runs where I push it with everything I've got), but I've got to buck this "need to know" issue. I need to stop the worry train and get off. Somehow I managed to get through a couple months of the "unknown" with my breast cancer scare so why is this so hard? I don't know why its hard, but I'm determined to shut it down and just do my workovers, which by the way, I'm starting to really enjoy now (shit... did I say that?? Holy crap!) Maybe I'll give up running altogether and just become an olympic weight lifter. **Insert 1970s sitcom laugh track here** Yeah. Right.

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  1. You WILL be able to run 28mi and more because unlike with breast cancer YOU are in control.
    Rain is fun. It made it to Bay Area too - I don't understand why people were so gloomy.

  2. YOU WILL DO BE ABLE TO DO IT!!!!!!! One day, one step at a time..you've got this!

  3. Thanks guys! I'm slowly convincing myself. I'm going to Run Smiley all my races this summer so regardless of what happens I'm chalking it up to experimentation and I'm going to have fun!

  4. Awesome interview. You really made it a fun one.

  5. Hey Krista,

    That was an interesting interview. I really like the idea of doing podcasts. You sounded good during it too.

    I haven't quite finished reading "Born to Run" yet. It's got me thinking about my own injuries though.

    I don't believe in doing the distance of the race in training when its 26 or 28 miles long.
    I only ran 22 or so miles when I did do marathons. But I can honestly say that trail marathons are harder to do because of terrain and trip hazards and getting tired. I recommend doing a longest run/walk workout on trails of 22 to 23 miles.


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