A Play Hard Weekend

Running Trails in Rancho Murieta
This weekend could be summed up in few words. We ran. We rode. We danced. Oh and we swam. We drank. We ate. And, eventually, we all slept REALLY GOOD. It was one of those play hard weekends. Gotta love those.

Preparations for this weekend adventure began last Wednesday. My stem for the road bike was delivered to the house and as soon as he received it, my husband immediately retreated into the garage to tinker. He emerged hours later with his road bike, now all tweaked and custom fitted for me. It was his feather-light bike but with my seat, my pedals and my stem. I love that man. I will be using this bike to race in my upcoming triathalon.

It fits me!!
We had made plans to stay with some friends this past weekend for a little mini-vacation. The plan was for the girls to run the trails and bike the roads while the guys hit the trails on their mountain bikes. This all followed by a little swim party/BBQ with the kiddos and an open-air concert for the adults down by the lake. As if the running and riding won't be enough exercise we thought we'd throw in some what-the-heck-dancing at the concert as well. Yup. Good times.

The mountain bike trails around Rancho Murieta were some of the best trails I have run on in a long time. With swoopy, flowy oak meadows, blackberry tunnels, ladder bridges, stairs, hills and river edges it was definitely not a boring run. The trails were built, dug and handsomely labeled by my husband, his good friend and a hard-working crew of dedicated MTB comrades. 

And the cool thing about these trails? There's always a hidden gem somewhere. The little stone path that parallels the stream, or the blackberry tunnel with steps at the end. My favorite little discovery was a picnic table perched in a quiet, shady spot high above the river. The little known private, perfect spot. Out in the middle of nowhere.

Tree arches over the trail.
The Blackberry Tunnel
Stepping Up
Running through the Oaks
Sunday morning I got my ride on roadie style with the custom fitted bike. I haven't ridden a road bike in a long time and even then it was my commute bike and a hybrid. And HEAVY. This bike is a feather. I feel so light on it. And I love the fast!! Now I'm hooked. I'm already talking my husband into hooking me up with his connections. I even got my first roadie blister. I think its time to dig out the ol' bike gloves.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


  1. Love your weekend minus the blister. You must have been riding really hard. And your hubby is definitely a keeper. :)

  2. Pretty bike! Those look like super quick tires. I have a small amount of wheel jealous.

  3. That looks like a great place to explore. I love checking out new trails and places like this. What an adventure! Good for you guys.


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