A Good Run. A Good Soak.

I can kick, and stretch, and kick!
What could be better than hot bath blogging? Awwwwyeah. After my run workout this morning and my evening workover, I'm ready for some chill time. The only thing that's missing is my beer. (Input sad face here) But this hot bath more than makes up for it. My glutes are still a little sore from Saturday's workover and my arms are shot from tonight's punishment, so this little soak totally hits the spot.

I mentioned my run workout this morning. I happened to run my fastest mile since beginning my barefoot journey. It also happened to be in my VFFs, which was amazing since I've had nothing but trouble since starting to use them. I found it key, though, to do a warm-up completely barefoot first. Just to get my form locked in and get into my "light and smooth" rhythm. I tend to run harder in my VFFs because I can. I did two 1 mile repeats and because of the circumstances (my little Jack Ass Movie prodigies were up to no good this morning and this mama needed to be available to break-up ensuing smackdowns) I had to keep it close to the house and I had to get it done as soon as possible. Its Spring Break right now which means "No Break" for me since the kids are home. So I chose a half mile loop around my neighborhood that I could double up for my mile.

The first mile I completed in 9:04 min and then I took a 5 minute break (perfectly timed to check up on ensuing craziness at our house). Then I completed my second mile in 8:52 min. I was definitely pushing it for these (I normally run a comfortable 12 min. mile when completely barefoot) but I was surprised to see that my second lap was faster than my first. I had no knee pain at all, but I could feel some discomfort in my heel. Nothing too bad or crippling though. I strapped an ice pack to my foot when I came inside and the soreness went away in a couple hours.

I also added some workover punishment to my activity menu for today. I did a short barefoot run to the gym where my uncoordinated self attempted a kipping pull-up off the bars of the squat rack. After about five embarrassing attempts I determined that I looked more like a flailing fish caught on a line than a human doing a pull-up. I can get up to the bar by kind of bending and swinging my legs, but I have no idea how to link them together so I'm using the momentum of the first one to aid with the second. I entertained everyone around me and nearly kicked one dude in the head as he walked past me. Some days I feel more like Molly Shannon's character, Sally O'Mally on Saturday Night Live
(without the camel-toe, of course.). Yes people. "I like to kick and stretch and kick!" Well... I'm not fifty... yet, but y'all better watch out for me when you are at the gym. You might get hurt.

After that display I completed four rounds of:
• 5 body weight rows (could not completely touch the bar with my chest, but I was close (within a few inches)
• 10 push-ups
• 10 jumping pull-ups

By now my water's cold and I'm getting all pruney. I had better get out and dry off. Its been a good day.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


  1. Nothing like a good soak after a hard work out! And I think we need a video of your pull ups! And awesome miles in your VFF's. Maybe I need a barefoot warm up too. It's just still too cold in the mornings.
    Good luck surviving spring break! Ours is this weekend!


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